Overview from Planetary Collective

by Victoria Swaney

Native Foods Cafe

When we wake up every day, we look at what seems like an endless sky above us. Sometimes we forget that the clouds and blue sky is the only thing that’s protecting us from the harshness of space. Imagine being an astronaut and looking back at the planet and having an overwhelming emotional connection with Earth. What will it take for us non-astronauts to realize how fragile Planet Earth truly is?

117149739Native Foods Cafe uses this image courtesy of Getty Images.


In Planetary Collective’s short film, Overview, you hear life-changing stories from five astronauts seeing the Earth as an outsider, a perspective-altering sense of awareness often called the Overview Effect. This term is commonly used by astronauts but was first described by author Frank White in 1987. The Overview Effect encompasses a reflective understanding of all life and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment. 


So maybe we’ll never get the chance to go to space, Earth gaze, eat pre-packaged freeze-dried food or float around for hours upon hours, but we can get the perspectives from others. We can listen to their stories of seeing the Earth as a functioning thing and transfer it into our every day lives.

If you look at the land from an airplane, everything looks very organized and efficient, but what about eco-efficient? There are so many little things we can do to maintain a healthy Earth.

  • start a small compost simply with a tin/plastic container and lid (i.e. coffee container)
  • rent a garden/make a container garden
  • volunteer to plant trees/flowers
  • don’t waste water
  • use cold water for laundry/washing dishes
  • bring your own bag to the grocery store/market/restaurant
  • ride a bike or walk when possible
  • reuse plastic wrap and plastic bags – just rinse and let dry
  • purchase food from local farmers/farmers markets as often as possible
155384117Native Foods Cafe uses this image courtesy of Getty Images.
Sometimes all we need is that extra push in the right direction to get on board. If we all had the opportunity to float in space and get a chance to see Earth from the other side, we’d probably all have an overwhelming sense of responsibility for the planet. Until we have that opportunity, though, we’re stuck with doing the little things.  After all, we have to pay Earth somehow – we’re just renting her space, she shouldn’t have to clean up after us.
Victoria works at our Lakeview location in Chicago.  She like eating, cooking, and having fun.



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