Blueberry Pie in My Face Please!

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe


As much as I enjoy scarfing down a pint of organic
blueberries every now and again, I have started to notice that there are
blueberries popping up in other sections of my market other than just the produce



800px-Maturing_blueberryNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


We all know that blueberries are rich in Vitamin A and C, but
did you know that they are SUPER great to apply to your skin also? Whether you
are eating them raw, adding them to a pie, drinking them in a tea or wearing a
homemade facial mask, you are indeed not only helping your health, but also the
health of your beautiful skin.


Tea Hint- Rishi Tea, out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, makes two
of my favorite Blueberry Teas- Blueberry Rooibos and Blueberry Red Iced


BlueberryRooibosBox_DetailNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of Rishi Tea.


The US Department of Agriculture recently ranked blueberries
the #1 antioxidant compared to 40 other fruits and veggies. Which means it
contains the properties that protect you from premature aging. And some of the
acts that cause premature aging are hard not to do. For example, don’t rub your
eyes, get enough sleep, don’t sleep on your side, don’t stress too much, don’t
use a straw, and the list keeps going and going.  So, I think a little help from a vitamin and mineral packed
snack is a pretty good idea.

And if you’re clumsy like me, you have a few bruises on your
knees, elbow and hipbones. Well, blueberries can help. When the capillaries
under your skin break, the skin becomes splotchy or tiny red lines show due to
a weakness within the vessel wall. The Vitamin C in blueberries can help to
strengthen the blood vessels just below the surface of the skin.


Have a pint of blueberries lying around and a free 5 minutes
to rehydrate that face?


Homemade Blueberry Face Mask:


¼ cup Organic Local Blueberries

1 TB Organic Olive Oil


*Blend everything well in the blender.

*Evenly spread the mix over your face (Keep in a good
distance from your eyes)

*Leave the mask on for 5 minutes (Listen to some calming spa
music while your face hydrates)

*Remove the mask, lightly with a warm damp cloth


 Slightly different than the blueberry pie scene in Stand by Me…. but you may look somewhat similar.




your aren’t a DIY person, 
Yes To Blueberries has TONS for blueberry products including their award-winning Brightening Eye Roller… but not all of their products are vegan, so be sure to check the ingredients.




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