Ode to Allium Sativum (Garlic)

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe


In honor of today, National Garlic Day, this is dedicated to Mrs. Becker (My 1st
Grade Teacher)….


My love for garlic cannot be
expressed in words,

Those of you who agree, are
definitely labeled like us culinary nerds.


2009-12-16-AltonBrownNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image of Alton Brown courtesy of thekitchn.com


They use to come in that
cellophane covered little box where they couldn’t get air,

And now, markets and farmers
wouldn’t dare!


No more little brown spots, sprouts
or powdery mold,

Now we let that beauty unfold.


800px-Flickr_-_cyclonebill_-_HvidløgNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of Wikipedia/ Flickr user Cyclonebill


Those strong sulfur compounds
turned out to be more than just stinky stuff,

But also antibacterial,
antifungal, and antithrombotic sure enough!


Having a cholesterol and blood
pressure issue I hear?

Add a little of this “stinking
rose” to your diet and make them disappear.


Please try something new,

Chesnok Red, Georgian Crystal,
Music and Siberian are a few.

Toss in some Black
to your next seitan stew.


800px-Black_garlicNative Foods Cafe uses this photo courtesy of Wikipedia


cloves should be hard and firm,

The taste of bruised
cloves will be off and can be composed for the armyworm.


Army wormNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant found this pic HERE!


Two to three cloves a day
will help prevent a cold,

Eating too much garlic
irritates you digestive system so HAVE SOME CONTROL!


Need a salad idea for a
health, hearty garlicky crowd pleaser?

Here you go…Dive into this Caesar!


Garlicky Good Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad
Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan recipe, garlic recipe, vegan caesar salad



10 cloves garlic

½ cup firm tofu

2 TBSP fresh lemon juice

¼ cup capers

2 tsp agave

1 TBSP yellow mustard

½ cup olive oil

½ tsp sea salt

½ tsp ground black pepper

¾ cup water

¾ cup vegan mayo


*Place all goodies is and blender and let it rip!


For the Salad:

4 cups chopped romaine

¼ cup vegan Parmesan cheese

½ cup chopped veggies- broccoli, carrots, cauliflower you name it!

½ cup croutons of your choice

3 ounces Caesar dressing

2 TBSP red pepper, diced for garnish


Toss everything thing together and destroy!


Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan recipe, garlic recipe, national garlic day, vegan caesar salad





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