Vegan Girl Scout Cookies!

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe


Today is Girl Scouts Leader Day, and I hope I
do them justice. I remember the day I became a brownie. It was one of my
first after-school groups I joined. I also remember taking that short walk over
the Nippersink Bridge in Richmond, Il to become a Girl Scout.  It was such a
great achievement and a proud moment in the Huff house.


The GSUSA (Girl Scouts of the USA) are an organization
for girls in the US and American girls living abroad.  It was founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912…


Lowpinning1Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of


… and was organized after she met Robert Baden-Powell, the
founder of Scouting (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and River Scouts). Juliette
returned to Savannah Georgia and called her cousin to inform her that they were
starting something similar for girls that evening. The first tribe consisted of
18 members. Today, GSUSA have over 3.7 million members and is ranked the 8th
most popular charity/non-profit in America.


752px-Photograph_of_First_Lady_Bess_Truman_at_the_White_House_with_a_delegation_of_Girl_Scouts,_who_are_presenting_her_with..._-_NARA_-_200404Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of Wikipedia.


GSUSA teaches girls the value of honesty, fairness, courage,
compassion, character, sisterhood and confidence. There are awesome activities like camping, community service, learning first aid, swimming, and earning
badges after completing such tasks.

Hspatch1As part of the growing and bridging process with the GSUSA, 
the girls are awarded patches for outstanding work and things they accomplish. This
then allows them to “bridge” into the next level. One patch is the “No Bones
About It”, 
which started in 1998 and helps teach girls about pet care
and pet responsibility.  They
learned about the safety around certain animals, how to respect animals,  and the needs of all animals. The Animal
Humane Society has also teamed up with both Scouts and Girl Scouts to offer
programs to advance their animal knowledge and love for such creatures even


Girl Scouts Love Animals


And the BEST news of all….they now have vegan cookies!  I was going to try and recreate a girl scout cookie recipe today… but now I don't have to!  I just found out that some existing flavors of Girl Scout cookies are vegan… yahoo!  But stay tuned to the blog for an scout-inspired recipe coming shortly…..

You have NO
idea how long I have been waiting for this glorious day! Mango Crèmes, Peanut
Butter Patties, Thanks-a-lot, Lemonades, and Thin Mints are all made for us
vegans!  However, Girls Scouts uses different manufacturers, so these are not always vegan… Click here to check out's detailed explanation on this.


Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of A Vegan in Progress


As an alumni of Troop 420 (I swear that was my troop
number), I salute you Girl Scouts of America and I leave
you friends with this last important message… that is me on the right!


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