It’s Famous Female Chef Month!

by Chef Kendall

Native Foods Cafe


It’s true! This month give a shout out to those lovely
ladies in the kitchen! They deserve it being true game
changers in the culinary world!


Julia Child 

Juila Child


I’m not quite sure where to begin with Julia. Her show the
“French Chef” put more than average food in the reach of Americans.  She was all about using fresh
ingredients and delicious wine. With her inspiring dishes and culinary skill,
Julia also was inspirational to women in kitchens everywhere. She showed women
that they could take pride in their food and they dishes they created.  Julia helped women become stronger and
more confident in the culinary world.


Alice Waters

Alice Waters

In 1971, words like “eating locally”, “seasonally” and
:organically” weren’t really tossed around that much. At least not until Alice
Waters arrived. Her restaurant Chez Panisse, in Berkeley CA. At a time where
all those words seemed a bit crazy for a restaurant, she began inspiring
people, chefs, and generations to care about where there food came from.


Paula Deen



Currently the great thing about Paula Deen is her dedication
to eating healthy for her family and fighting her Type 2 Diabetes. If that
wasn’t enough, overcoming poverty, self doubt and the health challenges makes
her down to earth southern personality even more enjoyable to watch and learn
from.  Do chefs get any humbler
than Paula Deen?


Cat Cora

Cat Cora


The first Iron Chef America is up to a lot theses days.  Chef’s for Humanity is a program
committed to promoting nutritional education, hunger relief and emergency aid
to reduce hunger worldwide. Not only does she teach child the importance of a
healthy snack, but also how to make them. She also travels to Ethiopia and Haiti
to help improve hunger and food security.


Elizabeth Falkner 

Elizabeth Falkner


This Chef has been featured in many TV shows and has won
many awards. For examples, Rising Star Chef, Pastry Chef of the New (San Fran),
nominated for Best Pastry Chef 2005 for a James Beard Foundation, and was on
Top Chef, and Next Iron Chef America.

Thanks Chefs!


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