Raw vs. Cooked

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe


Cooking has always been crucial to the human diet. Not only
does it help us digest food, it softened our food so that our jaws and
digestive systems can break these items down more efficiently.  For example, in the Macrobiotic Diet,
you usually "over” cook vegetables and grains so that your body does not waste
extra energy in breaking food down, and to ensure all the possible nutrients are being taken in.


The Raw Diet, on the other hand, emphasizes that cooking your
food kills its natural  vitamins
and minerals. This diet gets rid of processed foods, eliminates trans fats and
is a diet that is rich in fiber. But is it better to eat all veggies raw?

Raw-vs-cookedNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of bestraworganic.com


Best raw foods to eat and why…


Nuts– Eaten raw can help lower the LDL (bad) cholesterol
but roasted over 170 degrees can actual do the opposite.

Broccoli– The plant cell walls contain an enzyme called myrosinase,
which gets that liver going!

Garlic!!– Yes my friend, eat raw garlic! One of my favorite
things in the world!

Garlic_Love_by_tammiexoxoNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of lipmag.com


Raw Fruit Juices– Pasteurized store brought juices not only
kill bacteria but they also destroy most of the vitamins and minerals

Cacao– Eaten raw it is brain food!!  And the great thing about it is that you can make your own
healthy chocolate treats without adding sugars and dairy.

Chia Seeds– Eating 4 tablespoons of chia seeds supplies
your body with the same amount of calcium as 3 glasses of milk. Need I say

Kimchi– Don’t cook your cabbage, ferment it!  And help support digestion and overall


Foods that give more nutrition when cooked…

Spinach– A fresh summer spinach salad is light and
refreshing yes, but cooking it has shown to boost antioxidant levels and allow
your body to absorb more calcium.

Tomatoes– Cooking these luscious little bites increase
lycopene by 35 percent. Lycopene is what makes this fruit red in color and is
linked to the prevention of 
multiple cancers.

Carrots– An heirloom carrot snack is perfect on a summer
afternoon in my opinion, but cooking those beauties boosts its beta-carotene
levels by 30%!


Myth Busting…

Myth Busting food



Cooking kills destroys the enzymes in plants.


Well yes, some of them, but so does digestion. There are very few enzymes that can with
stand the stomach acids.



The more raw food you eat, the less food you actually have
to eat.


You still need the same amount of calories. It’s not the
first step of the “Air” Diet. You still need to eat.

Air Diet



Prepared “raw” convenience foods are a healthy alternative
when on the go.


The amount of raw cookies, snacks and bars and almost
tripled in the last few years. People, these are still processed foods! They
will still contain certain fats and sugars that are not wanted while on the Raw Diet.
Don’t be fooled!



Fruit is bad sugar and shouldn’t be eaten.


Fruit is not sugar. Whole fruit is nowhere close to agave or
maple syrup. It can actually aid in digestion and weight loss.


Weight loss fruit


Fact Session…

Cooking is the best and final defense against salmonella,
E. coli and other tiny little beasts that can be found in our food.

Don’t boil most foods. Boiling tends to loss most



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