In the Spotlight: Carrie on Vegan

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


Check this interview from the In the Spotlight section of our monthly Native Newsletter!  In April, we interviewed Carrie Forrest, creator of the very cool vegan blog Carrie on Vegan.



Where are you from?  I’m originally from Oklahoma but now
live in San Luis Obispo, CA and Palm Desert, CA.


What is your sign?   I’m ever the balance-seeking


What inspired you to become vegan? I no longer wanted to
contribute to the suffering of animals.

Farm-Sanctuary_Dorothy-and-Chico_web-res_CREDIT-Jean-LiebenbergNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary.


What do you think has had the biggest impact on the growing vegan
movement in the past year?  
There is (finally!) more
attention being paid to the irrefutable evidence of the health benefits of a
whole foods, plant-based diet.


Why did you start your blog Carrie on Vegan, and how do you come up with
the recipes? 
I started blogging when
friends and family members kept asking for my recipes. I am inspired by other
bloggers, meals at restaurants, even non-vegan recipes I see on tv or in
magazines, but I really try to make my own, healthy versions.


Do you have a favorite vegetable?  Kale is where it’s at, baby!

IMG_2256Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of Carrie on Vegan.


What is your favorite dish to enjoy at home?  For everyday, I make a
lot of steamed greens or water-sauteed vegetables with an Almond-Tahini Sauce.
I bust out the black bean brownies with a cashew-based vanilla icing for
special occasions.


Do you have any pets?  I have two companion
felines, Roxy and Xena; I adore them!!! (P.S. I also have a vegan husband…does
he count as a pet?)


What is your favorite thing to eat at Native Foods
I absolutely love the
Caribbean Jerk Kale Salad!

Caribbean Jerk Kale SaladNative Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, Caribbean Jerk Kale Salad

If aliens landed in your backyard, what is the first food and drink you
would serve them?  
Since aliens are green
(right?), I’d have to give them some kale chips with a green smoothie to wash
them down.


What one vegan product do you think you could never live without?  Tempeh is the bomb.

Scorpion BurgerThe Scorpion Burger at Native Foods Cafe is made with homemade tempeh!


What do you do in your free time?  When I’m not whipping up
green smoothies in my kitchen, you can find me hiking, prowling around farmers’
markets, yoga-ing and advocating for veganism.


If you could only recommend one book to a vegan newbie, which one would
you choose? 
Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman – it changed my life!

EAT TO LIVE -c over_color_corrected


Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan blog, Carrie on Vegan

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