Oh Baby: Ecofriendly Diapering

by Mandi Meek

Native Foods Cafe


Moms and dads are the superheroes of their kids lives – well
at least until they’re teens – and it’s essential to instill a sense of
eco-responsibility in the future generation. So, we need to tackle one of the
biggest trash producers around – diapers and diapering. I rounded up the
diapering essentials and found ecofriendly, natural alternatives for those
inclined to start their kiddo’s life in the green.


DIY Re-usable Baby
Wipes (keeps mold free for at least 2 weeks)

Native Foods vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of Inhabitots.

36 baby washcloths (usually sold in a pack of 12)

or 9×9 squares of flannel/cotton
with hemmed edges

1¼ c of water (boiled)

¼ T all natural soap (preferably baby soap!)

2-3 T of vinegar (to fight mold and extra clean)

Container – reuse a disposable wipe container or a mason

First, boil your water – you want
to end up with a cup and a quarter at the end so maybe start with a cup and a
half. Let the water cool and add your soap and vinegar – stir. Next, layer your
wipes into the container and pour the liquid solution of them. Close the
container and give it a few shakes to coat the wipes. Before use you may need
to wring the wipes just a tad or use the extra moisture to give baby a quick
sponge bath for his arms and tummy before changing.


So, I actually make these for
myself and add about 1 T of bleach and use them around the house when needed –
works like a charm. You could also cut a roll of paper towel in half or thirds
pull out the center and make disposable wipes for on-the-go.


DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer


DIY Natural hand sanitizer


1cup of aloe vera gel

½ TBSP of witch hazel

10 drops of lavender essential


Combine ingredients in a bowl whisk
or beat together. Transfer to an empty container or bottle.


Here’s something you’ll want to
have – especially for diaper changes on-the-go! I’ve been using this for a
while now because I have sensitive skin. The aloe vera gel gives the
consistency of conventional hand sanitizer while the witch hazel and lavender
sanitize. Versions of this recipe have been floating around the web for awhile,
but this is my tried and true version.


How about an all-natural, DIY and homemade diaper rash crème?

Here’s a link to a homemade
diaper rash crème recipe from Penniless Parenting.  I believe this will work because I’ve made a similar crème for an eczema rash
awhile back that used the same ingredients. Tea tree oil is a great antibacterial
ingredient, which is important in a diaper rash crème; at least that’s what Mom
told me.


And to wrap it up, a collection of cloth diaper shops that can be found
on Etsy.com!

So the verdict is out and cloth
diapers are not only better for the planet, but better for your wallet too! Like
anything reusable, cost is going to be expensive up front, but you won’t have
to buy diapers again so it should pay off. I’ve poked around on Etsy.com and
came up with a few different shops that offer great diaper options.


If you want all-in-one organic
diapers, I recommend FancyCloth:


If you want organic hemp/cotton
soakers with cool cotton covers, I recommend NEETClothDiapers:


If you want a huge selection of
cute fabrics, I recommend CheekyBunz:


And lastly if you want a one-stop
shop for everything ecofriendly mommy and baby might need, I recommend


Thought I would also throw this
in since it made me chuckle!

 Lacto Vegan Onesie by VoltNein


Good luck with the eco-diapering,
babymamas and babydaddies!


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