Get Out and Do Something! Part 2

by Sammy Caiola


Native Community Days continues today and here is some info on how to get involved with today's non-profit beneficiaries!

NCD FB 0713

Wednesday August 7th


Los Angeles, Orange
County, Palm Springs:
UCLA UniCamp

This university-affiliated non-profit is actually a beautiful
outdoor summer camp where children from underserved neighborhoods can enjoy
nature and learn leadership skills. The 1,000 low-income students who attend
each summer are mentored by 350 UCLA student leaders. The program involves
recreational activities and general confidence-boosting, team-building fun. You
have to be a UCLA student to actually be a mentor, but you can help out with
their fundraisers or deliver much-needed supplies like construction paper and
candle wax. Read about it here.




San Diego: Sean
O’Shea Foundation

Yoga, nutrition and positive thinking are the biggest themes at
this non-profit, which is dedicated to improving the mental and physical
wellness of youth ages 8-18. They run an educational yoga and nutrition program
that they bring everywhere from public schools to juvenile facilities. They
teach yoga at hospitals and at pregnant teen centers, working to build positive
self-image and encourage a life of balance and fulfillment. Sound like your
style? Help them with event planning and grant writing or, if qualified, teach
a workshop of your own. Check it out.



Chicago: Working In
The Schools

Love to read? Help WITS in its mission to increase literacy
throughout Chicago with one-on-one tutoring and mentoring. Bond with an at-risk
youth while helping him or her with reading skills. They serve 2500 students
throughout 27 elementary schools, and their volunteer base includes college
students and retirees alike. Apply to be a part of it here.



Portland: Oregon Wild

This statewide non-profit works toward the conversation of
roadless land—something, as I’m sure you all agree—this country needs a little
more of. By writing and fighting for legislation that protects natural land,
they’ve already saved more than 1.7 million acres of wilderness. If you want to
help preserve your state’s natural beauty, you can join or lead a free hike,
which raises awareness about what’s being threatened. You can also help out around
the office or at fundraising events. Read more here.



Boulder: Teens, Inc.

In a 7,000-square foot center in Nederland, a teen could be
exercising, cooking a meal or playing an instrument, all thanks to the hard
work of Teens, Inc, a non-profit who has run a free and successful youth center
since 2000. The center is open 24/5 to kids ages 11-21 and provides a safe
recreational space as well as mentoring and tutoring opportunities. Since its
establishment, the local juvenile crime rate has decreased, as have the
drop-out numbers at Nederland High School. Help these youth become stronger
leaders and smarter adults by teaching a workshop or just spending an afternoon
getting to know participants. Learn how here.



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