Animal Cruelty Can’t Be Covered Up (but your blemishes can)

by Sammy Caiola

Native Foods Cafe


Just because we don’t eat our make-up doesn’t mean we
shouldn’t be conscious of it. In fact, that’s all the more reason we should be conscious of it. Adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet is a big
change that, unfortunately, scares off a good deal of people. But changing your
make-up, when cruelty-free make-up is widely available and looks and feels just
as good, should be a quick fix.

If you’re vegan you’re probably already on the prowl for
beauty supplies that are free of animal by-products and not tested on animals
in any way. If you’re not vegan but have any sympathy for animals whatsoever,
you might want to consider putting on a new face when it comes to make-up. Most
products from big make-up companies are tested on animals somewhere down the
line. Even if a U.S.-based company swears it does not do animal testing,
there’s no knowing what happens when the product is shipped overseas. This
testing is dangerous for animals because of the chemical exposure, inhumane
application methods, and inhumane treatment and confinement.

When searching for cruelty-free vegan beauty products, pay
special attention to the ingredient lists. Remember that things like beeswax
and honey are usually not vegan, and look out for hidden ingredients like
carmine, which is made from crushed insects, and guanine, which is made from
fish scales.

Below, we’ve compiled ten products that are PETA-approved
and well-regarded by vegan bloggers. Find them, use them, and then gift them to
all of your friends so society can brush off its ugly habit of cruel and
destructive make-up production.

Let’s start at the top, with our hair:

Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Hair Care:
This combination of mint, tea tree,
eucalyptus and thyme smells divine and actually gives your scalp a pleasant
tingling sensation. Find it at your nearest Trader Joe’s or on amazon for $12
(shampoo/ conditioner/ body wash combo for $35)



And these are easy on the eyes:

Bella FlowerColor Shimmerdust:
These beautiful eye shadow palettes are made
with almond oil, aloe vera extract, and flower wax iron oxides. You can also
put it on your cheeks if you’re feeling rosy. Only $15 for a four-color


Without Cruelty Eye Pencils:
The name says it all. Our blogger Holladay
raved about the mascara little while ago, and the eyeliner is cut from the same
cloth. Comes in black, carbon black, soft brown, blue, green, grey, walnut.
$16.75 each.


Nothing says confidence like a good complexion:

And Zuzu
Luxe Mineral Bronzer
will boost yours in no time. Made with avocado extract
and jojoba seed oil, this high-quality bronzer will keep you looking radiant
all summer. One compact containing two shades costs $28.30



But you’re never fully dressed without a smile:

Try Obsessive
Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tar
It sounds kind of gross, but vegans rave about it. This cruelty-free company
makes some killer vibrant hues, so get your summer off to a bright start.
Dozens of colors at $18 each.


Rumors Fresh Squeezed Vegan Lip Balm:
This adorable product comes from an
adorable couple named Brian and Edie Himmel, who live in Brooklyn with one
daughter and four cats.  Their many
many flavors are sorted into “ice cream”, “soda”, “coffee”, “floral” and
“mystery” and are available for just $4 a piece.



Beauty on the surface

For your skin, try Moksa Body Butter:
Moksa is a totally organic company that uses fairly traded ingredients and
donates much of its profit to environmental advocacy groups and sustainable
business. Try their body butter, which comes in lavender, grapefruit, ginger,
vanilla, and rosemary, for just $16.


of Maine Natural Confidence Deodorant:
 Don’t sweat it when you’re out and about- this all-natural
anti-per spirant will keep you cool. Fight B.O. with citrus zest for just $3.59




And just to nail it down

SpaRitual Nail
These vegan polishes are cruelty free and extra-pretty. There are
hundreds of colors, and they all come with caps and brushes made from recycled
materials. $12 per bottle




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