Pass the Legumes, Mr. President

by Lauren Neushel

Native Foods Cafe


The president has gone vegan and couldn’t look better.
Period, end of story? Not for some. Bill Clinton has recently taken heat for
eating fish and other animal byproducts from time to time while still
encouraging veganism. And while we promote an entirely vegan menu ourselves,
we’re all in favor of cutting him some slack. The former president deserves mad
props for turning his life around and encouraging others to do the same. And
man does he look good! (Thirty pounds worth of good.)

Clinton has been on the diet for three years now and, get
this: He’s back to his high school weight! Better yet, his health is on the
upswing and he is taking charge of his life.

We all remember how open Clinton was open about his hearty
appetite and love of fast food during his presidency. He made frequent trips to
Mickey-Ds and paid for it with a quadruple bypass in 2004. After an emergency
surgery in 2010 to counteract complications from the 2004 ordeal, he decided it
was time to make some serious changes. And whaddaya know- the changes had to be
made in the kitchen.

 “I decided to
pick the diet that I thought would maximize my chances of long-term survival.”
Wink wink, nudge nudge- he chose a vegan diet. His doctors told him to remove
anything from his plate with a mother and a face- his health scare was enough
of a wake-up call to put this advice into practice. He even kept to his vegan
lifestyle during a recent dinner with the Peruvian president and his wife! 

Clinton 1Photo used by Native Foods Café, a
vegan restaurant group courtesy of Media Salon.

His trick to making the big switcheroo? Keeping a food
journal documenting what he ate, portion size and timing. He looked back on his
logs and decided what he was going to give up and substitute in. According to a
recent Politico article, Clinton now has an almond-milk smoothie for breakfast,
a salad for lunch, almonds for snacking and a veggie burger for dinner.

Our 42nd president isn’t just fixing his own heart;
he’s taking on America’s obesity epidemic along with it. He says he’s concerned
with how the American diet is affecting the health care system, and in 2012,
the Clinton Foundation started the Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI),
which “works to improve health and well-being of people across the United
States by activating individuals, communities, and organizations to make
meaningful contributions to the health of others.” Clinton says he wanted to go
vegan because the work he’s been doing with the foundation is “increasingly
important” to him. He’s certainly setting a great example. And hey, if one of
America’s leaders is going vegan, the masses must not be too far behind. 

Clinton 2Photo used by Native Foods Café, a vegan restaurant group courtesy of CNN.

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