Glasgow Going Hogless? Hogwash!

by Sammy Caiola

Native Foods Cafe


We all know that the
Brits like to make outrageous claims about their superiority. Like how they’ve
got the most sophisticated fashion taste, or the wittiest comedic style, or the
greatest athletes or the fanciest weddings. Well I say that’s rubbish. The only
thing those redcoats every trumped us at was good old rock n’ roll (I’d trade
Bieber for Beatles any day). But now they’re claiming they’ve got better vegan
food? I won’t stand for it.

Paul_mccartney_veg_adNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this photo courtesy of PETA.

A recent article in The Guardian reports that Glasgow, U.K. is one of the easiest cities to be vegan in. Glasgow is the
largest city in Scotland and the third largest city in the United Kingdom. I
don’t know about you, but when I think about faire from that corner of the
world, I’m envisioning buttered crumpets, mince pies, fish ‘n’ chips and
cornish game hen. Not exactly a vegan’s paradise. But, according to vegan
authorities on location, the trend is changing thanks to the swarms of young,
health-conscious intellectuals attending the University of Glasgow each year.
Apparently their good habits are infecting the whole city (and maybe the whole

But if being a
college town is all you need to be a vegan hot-spot, then I have some global
game-changers that will put the Scots to shame. No more scouring the guidebooks
for plant-based bistros or performing elaborate gestures to communicate “no
meat” to the guy at the crepe stand. Vacationing vegans; just  book your
next flight to one of the locales on my short list, and you’ll be happy as a
clam in Israel (shellfish isn’t in high demand there).

*Fair warning: This
is the stuff of daydreams. I’ve never actually been to most of these places.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Like most Asian
cuisine, Thai food is absolutely delicious and rarely incorporates dairy. This
country is better known for sticky rice, crunchy vegetables, marinated tofu and
winning combinations of melt-in-your-mouth Thai spices. In Bangkok, the nation’s
capital, you’ll find street vendors with steaming carts of vegan sum tham
(papaya salad) and pad thai, and even mall food courts have vegan options.
Happy Cow lists 130 vegan/ vegetarian restaurants in its Healthy Eating Guide. Aroy!


Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of

2. Portland (OR),
United States

Everybody knows that
Portland is the American mecca for devout hipsters, so of course it’s got vegan
options. And not just vegan food either. Walk around stumptown for just one day
and you’ll find vegan bike shops, tattoo parlors, personal trainers and grocery
stores. Not to mention Portland’s known for its efficient land use and
extensive transportation system. Rated number two of Peta’s “Most Vegan-Friendly Cities in the U.S.” (after Austin TX, but I won’t send
you there for vacation), this is a perfect road trip destination. PLUS there’s
a Native Foods there, so stop in for lunch while you’re sightseeing!

Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of Fox News

3. Basically
Anywhere, India

Worldly vegan
bloggers can’t seem to decide what the best vegan city in India is, so I’m just
going to recommend the whole country. The birthplace of gandhi, India is
notorious for its beautiful scenery, colorful clothing and cheap food. Avoiding
dairy is a breeze there, with all of the focus on nutritious grains (millet,
rice) and healthy proteins (lentils, moong beans, chickpeas). Many people in
India are vegetarian or vegan just by nature of what’s available. Just be sure
to double check that the creamy curry is vegan! 

Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of

4. New Zealand

I can tell you from
firsthand experience that New Zealand is an AWESOME place to be vegan. The
whole country is green! And I don’t just mean the rolling emerald hillsides
(though those are great). New Zealand’s government and its people love their
land and are completely committed to keeping it healthy. There are mountains
and wide open valleys and clear waters everywhere you turn. And when it comes
to food, there’s no shortage of organic veggies and unique starches like
kumara, which is a sweet potato grown by the indigenous Maori people. Not to
mention that you can hang out with sea lions and kia birds in their natural
habitat. It’s an animal-lover’s paradise!

New Zealand

Me with a sea lion in New Zealand!


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