5 Reasons to Vegan this Week


  1. Promised
    : Just saw this 2012
    environmental flick
    last week and totally loved it. It stars the
    ever-lovable Matt
    and the incredibly talented Frances McDormand as
    sales associates for a huge fracking corporation. While they’re trying to
    convince small farmers to sell their land so they can destroy it with the toxic
    drills and chemicals, environmental advocate John Krasinksi (from
    The Office!) ignites a face-off with an interesting twist. If you haven’t seen
    it yet, make a night out of it!

Promised land


Native Foods Café uses this image courtesy
of imdb.com


  1. Retro
    Vegan Heels
    : Modcloth, one of my favorite sites for mini shopping sprees,
    has a whole page
    dedicated specifically to retro vegan heels. So cute! Rock these bow-tied,
    polka-dotted, cruelty-free pumps with your fall wardrobe and you’ll be getting
    compliments up the wazoo.



Native Foods Café uses this image courtesy
of modcloth.com


  1. “The Kind
    Life” Relationship Survey
    : Our favorite vegan celebrity Alicia Silverstone
    recently put out a national
    about vegan dating habits, and the results were pretty interesting.
    If you prefer dating vegan or vegetarian- you’re not alone. Survey says 52
    percent of single vegans and vegetarians want to date people with a similar
    lifestyle. Also, many omnivorous partners are willing to convert to
    vegetarianism if it will make you happy. These results show that in 49 percent
    of herbivore/herbivore relationships, one partner adopted the lifestyle only
    after meeting the other partner. Vegan love conquers all!



Native Foods Café uses this image courtesy
of thekindlife.com


  1. Starbucks
    Hazelnut Soy Latte:
    Woke up to an unpleasantly chilly fall morning so I
    grabbed one of these warm treats on my way to work. While the Pumpkin Spice
    Latte is not vegan (total bummer), the hazelnut, toffee nut and peppermint
    lattes can all be veganized when you ask for soy milk. The hazelnut is my
    favorite, but I suggest you give them all a try throughout the season.



Native Foods Café uses this image courtesy
of flickr.com


  1. Native
    Foods Twister Wrap
    : I’ve been out of the country for two weeks and I CANNOT
    WAIT to get back to eating my favorite Native Foods handhold. This wrap, made
    with chef-crafted seitan (you can get it crispy, blackened or grilled), comes
    with a creamy chipotle sauce and fresh avocado in an organic whole wheat wrap.
    If you grab one on Friday, you get a free side! I like it with the dill potato
    salad, but seasoned fries are always a good bet too =D


4.  Twister Wrap (2)
Photo courtesy of Native Foods Cafe

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