Mom, Dad…I am a Vegan.

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

Holidays are a time where the entire family gets together for fun, embarrassing stories about childhood, board games and food….lots of food.  So how do you tell your family you are now a, <gasp> vegan. Whatever will they say?  Have no fear, I have put together a list of tips of how to come out as a vegan this holiday season as you politely pass on the turkey.


1.) We need to talk – this approach enlist a sense of fear in even your toughest family member. Your dad the CEO, your brother the marine, your mom, well she's a mom, that’s like a CEO and a marine combination… these 4 little words can bring them to their knees with anxiety. When you reveal you are a vegan and not going to jail everyone praises you, you are a hero! You eat plants and do not have mug shot, way to go! 


2.) Operation Switch the Ranch- this little trick works like a charm. Ranch is universally loved by all and no one can tell the difference between the dairy ridden ranch and the kind you bring over, except for the fact that is probably more delicious. Switching "normal" foods like a vegan ninja with the plant-based version is an excellent segue into your veganism proclamation! "You're vegan, gross what do you eat like grass." "No I eat everything you do, literally." Then laugh while pointing at the ranch. 


3.) It's Still Me! You can approach it like US Weekly does with "Stars they are Just Like Us." Vegans, they are just like us. Halt their worrying that you will not suddenly be growing out your hair in dreads that you still like shampoo and mainstream movies, you're still you, a better you who has a nice veggie glow about them. 


4.) Keep is breezy. No hardcore political discussions, it's the holidays, time to be merry! Take the simplistic approach like that child did on the internet video that went viral, you just like animals better when they are standing is all. No need to deck the halls with bloody animal posters. 


5.) Be happy! Your family wants you to be happy so if by telling them this decision to eat a compassionate diet makes you superbly happy who are they to argue?  Do not be the grinch over in the corner alone munching on kale, snarling at all the meat eaters, you won't win them over. 



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