5 Reasons to Vegan

by, Kelly Behr 

Native Foods Cafe



1.)  Jamberry Nails

These nail covers have been all the rage over the last few months. I have seen people I know rave about them on Facebook and snap their newest nail collection on Instagram and although I am not one to sport colorful designs on my nails, I can appreciate this creative concept and another vegan endeavor.


Native Foods uses this image courtesy of jamberrynails.net. 



2.)  Jersey Shore Sun lip balm

This lip balm is the best thing I have put on my lips this winter. I live in the windy city and having a good lip balm is crucial. This not only conditions your lips and wards off lip cracking it has a delicious spearmint flavor. The only downside to this product is having the restraint not to actually eat it, yes, it tastes that good.  The winter mint flavor is vegan and from the packaging, there is no mistaking it. 




3.)  Rise energy bars

We sometimes are the lucky recipients of samples that are sent to our office. Our latest samplings were of Rise energy bars. We were given a box and after a few people tried them, word spread and I was soon getting a lot of visitors to my desk of people wanting to get their hands on a Rise bar. They come in several unique flavors that are all natural, vegan and delicious. My favorite part is that they are all super soft and make a great mid morning snack. I liked them so much that when I was home for the holidays I saw them at our local market and picked up some for the whole family. The flavors we were sent that are vegan are: Cherry Almond, Coconut Acai Berry,  Apricot Goji and Blueberry Coconut. 


Native Foods Cafe uses this image courtesy of risebars.com.


4.)  Beanitos

It almost wouldn’t be five reasons to vegan without including my latest chip find. I have found bean chips to be some of the best chips I have eaten. Many companies are jumping on the bean train and creating delicious snacks. I got these vegan black bean flavored ones and found them to be the perfect compliment to my vegan taco dip I made for Christmas Eve this year.


5.)  Upton’s Natural Chorizo Seitan

Speaking of homemade vegan taco dip, this product was the shining star. It can be purchased at Whole Foods and was loved by my whole non-vegan family.  It has such good flavor that no other spices are needed. I crumbled it and cooked it in a skillet with a little bit of oil and created the base of my taco layer dip.

Native Foods Cafe uses this image courtesy of http://www.uptonsnaturals.com



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