I scream, wait that’s not ice cream?

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

A post about ice cream might seem a little odd in the dead of winter, or if you are in California, just another day. But sometimes the winter blues do not mean you have to give up all your summer treats. 

I remember one year, on a cold January day, when the snow had been lingering for days my sister and I went out to dinner. We pretended  at the restaurant we were on a beach somewhere and the white snow was actually sand. We ordered fruity cocktails and said we were on vacation. We still laugh about our little adventure but it was our way of not letting the winter get the best of us. 

One of my favorite treats, spring, summer or even winter is  a frozen banana ice cream. And that is all it is, a frozen banana blended into a healthy and smooth treat that replicates the consistency of ice cream. 

Now, before you go, this vegan girl is too far gone, she obviously doesn't remember what the real stuff tastes like, bear with me. I am from the show-me-state so I know the, "I do not believe til I see it," mind set. 

But trust me on this one. Take a frozen banana and blend it until it is smooth. Be sure to peel the banana before you freeze it and I find it helps to have it cut into 3-4 pieces. And ta-da ice cream! 

Now I sometimes add dark chocolate chips or strawberries to add some other fun flavors and toppings. But the world is your oyster on this one and you can be as creative as you want. Best news is you are eating ice cream that isn't breaking any new year's resolutions!


Native foods uses this image courtesy of kitchin.com.


There are a lot of different combinations for this tasty treat online too including recipes from thekitchn.com.

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