Basketball and….broccoli?

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

One of the many benefits of being a growing restaurant is the opportunity we have to educate people on healthy options and how fun healthy eating really can be.

A few weeks ago we were so fortunate to have former NBA star John Salley come and talk to a group of high school teenagers at our Culver City location. We had a great turnout on the patio! 

Native Foods Cafe, Culver City

These kids were there to learn how to incorporate fruits and vegetables in their diets in an easy and cost effective way. We all know fast food is cheap where a whole meal  can be less expensive than going to the grocery store and making something yourself, plus kids see the value of spending a dollar on a fast food sandwich and not on a head of broccoli. It is really a tough sell with fast food  sandwiches being advertised everywhere for a dollar at mega chains.

Native Foods’ goal was to change their perception of all health food being costly and tasteless by showing the kids what foods you can buy for around a dollar that turn into a nutritious meal. 

We treated them to some of Native Foods while they were listening to John speak so they could have a taste of some plant based food items and that healthy food can taste good too!




The kids were also sent home with healthy recipes including some of the ingredients so they could make them at home. Each student was given a spaghetti squash, some of Native’s own marinara sauce and broccoli to create a healthy pasta dish that they might not have ever had before. 



They were  all very receptive and excited about being there and even more excited to hear John speak. He is such a great proponent of healthy eating and a person the kids can really look up to.




One thought on “Basketball and….broccoli?

  1. Juliana January 20, 2014 / 9:32 am

    I just loved the vegetarian delicacies listed by you they are going to turn awesome also you are right that eating healthy and fresh generally costs quite less. And I love cooking fresh every time and definitely gonna try the lunch wrap recipe of yours.


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