Hyde Park is Open for Business!

By Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe


Hyde Park opened this Tuesday and if it is anything like the pre-opening week it is off to a great start! We had such a wonderful time and the neighborhood was so welcoming. The openings are so much fun because it is a way we really get a sense of the community and the people living there. I got to meet a 3 year old who was born vegan and loved our nuggets and some ladies who had been to every one of our Chicago openings since Wicker Park. And I think I have to deem this opening one of our best dressed crowds, Hyde Park is a dapper group of individuals! 



We had packed pre-opening parties all week. This opening we got to see a lot of familiar faces as our loyal rewards cards members came from all over the city to visit our 4th store in Chicago. We were even welcomed with a ribbon cutting that the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce orchestrated for us. 


During our pre-opening week we also like to give back to the local community and we were able to find some great groups. The only thing we sell during that week is beer and wine and we give 100% of the proceeds back to 5 different groups we choose based on our core values of animal rescue, environment and children's education. 


Hyde Park Cats was our Wednesday group and these cat ladies had an awesome time getting to visit with each other. They were so thankful they were able to join us for dinner because they never get to see each other and mainly work together through email. We also had the Resource Center, PAWS out of University of Chicago, The Experimental Station and Eden Place join us for dinner at the community table on the other nights. 

Chef Alex was on hand to answer any culinary questions guests had and even pose for some photos with our new Celebration Cookbook! 


So thank you Hyde Park for the warm welcome in such a cold winter, we are so happy to be here! 


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