5 Reason why GREEN is Awesome

By Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe 


What is something vegans, Kermit the Frog and St. Patrick's Day all have in common? We think green is awesome. Aside from being green, wearing green or eating green, the color itself represents luck, tranquility and wealth. 


1.) Psychological Effects of the color Green 

Green has a calming effect on people. For years performers have been held in waiting room painted green, now widely just referred to as the "green room." Psychology studies have also shown that people who work in an environment surrounded by the color green are less stressed and experience fewer stomachaches. Green was also thought to be the color of fertility and in the 15th century many of the wedding gowns were green instead of the traditional white that we are so accustomed to seeing. -Source http://psychology.about.com

HhhhNative Foods uses this image courtesy of allgreentips.com.




2.) Drinking Greens

We have dedicated the month of March to the color green and spoke about all the different leafy greens and their benefits to your health. Now, juicing is the most beneicial way to get your greens in a liquid form but for those on the go, companies are creating bottled juice options with, you guessed it, greens! I have recently been a fan of the evolution press juices. You can read their story on their webpage.


Native Foods uses this image courtesy of http://www.evolutionfresh.com


3.) Living Green

Be a recycling ninja! So if you try that above Evolution press juice, be sure to recycle your bottle. Recycling not only helps our planet but the recycling industry has been a large source of jobs in the United States. So you can help the planet and the economy all by choosing the right bin to toss your bottle in!


4.) Wearing Green

I do not just mean the color, though my normally black dominant wardrobe could use a dash of that. But, another way to wear green is to wear recycled clothes, otherwise known as vintage! I have gotten some of my most beloved t-shirts from thrift stores where you aren’t likely to run into someone wearing the same shirt every 4 blocks. The Vintage Twin in New York City is a company started by twin sisters that I came across on Instagram a few months ago. I loved their idea and their story.

These sisters saw a problem: Every year Americans throw 30 million tons of usable, mass produced goods into our landfills. Mass production kills individuality, because thousands of people end up owning the exact same items.

Their Solution?

    -Nobody else will own your same TVT treasure.

    -10% of the proceeds from your purchase are donated to charity.

    -You lessened demand for the harmful mass production of new goods.

 They say they find items anywhere from Grandma’s attic to bazaars, clean and rework the item into something new and totally original.

These two sisters are onto something grand! Plus their fashions are pretty rad.


10440_3388 10796_11831

Native Foods uses this image courtesy of http://www.thevintagetwin.com. 


5.) Green is lucky  

Remember how green is the color of luck? Well, if you haven’t had a chance to eat our Pot-of-Gold Pretzel Roll, it is your lucky day. We are have extended our weekend special through today! So get it before it disappears like that little leprechaun at the end of the rainbow! 

POT OF GOLD MEAL 14x8 0314

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