Confession: I Emoji My Feelings and My Food

By Lauren Neuschel 

Native Foods Cafe

Get this—on the front page of last week’s Wall Street Journal was a story about one Illinoisan’s quest to add a new food-related emoji to her phone’s lexicon.

At a bar one Friday night, Laura Ustick was stunned by, what was to her, a gaping hole in Apple’s available icons. While presumably texting a friend about her late-night food cravings or perhaps about the adorable Weiner dog outside the bar window, she found herself without an emoji for the all-American hot-dog.

Yep, that’s right folks, apparently this story was front-page material…Long live the hard-hitting headlines!

Anywho, apparently this same woman is a third-generation general manager of a Superdawg Drive-In, a company that has been serving hot-dogs since the 1940s, hence the uproar over the emoji shortage.  Ustick is now lobbying on behalf of the hot-dog in an attempt to create a new character, siting that her hot-dog company’s Tweets just aren’t “cute” enough without one. Times are tough, people!

But Ustick is not the only one obsessing over Apple’s limited lexicon. One particular Facebook page is titled, “The Universe Demands a Taco Emoji,” while has an online petition titled, “Apple: Add More Diversity to the Emoji Keyboard.”

  Moby Dick image

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In Apple’s defense, if one data engineer could create an 800-page translation of “Moby Dick” entirely from emojis, I hardly think our phones are at a complete loss. Perhaps Ustick’s claim that hot-dogs are the all-American food, just isn’t quite true anymore.

Whether you emoji like a caveman using hieroglyphics or whether you’ve never once used one of those yellow smiley faces to represent your feelings, perhaps you too will find a tinge of pride in knowing that, a hot-dog doesn’t exist, but an eggplant does!


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