We’ll (Vegan) Wine and Dine You

By Lauren Neuschel 

Native Foods Cafe

Homemade Lavender Lemonade, Watermelon Fresca, Blueberry Hibiscus teas…we’re definitely known for our fresh bubbler drinks. All of you Native foodies out there know the secret- sometimes our drinks taste best when you make your own concoctions- mixing and matching, adding a little fresh mint or lemon. We love bringing out the mixologist in you.

But, one of our best kept secrets is our selection of local beers and vegan wines. They may not be poured from our cool bubblers, but don’t judge a book! They’re especially perfect for summertime or when you want to let loose with friends over the weekend. Guests love to come in and know that everything- from our creamy chipotle sauce to our Native Chicken, to our wines- is sustainable and animal-friendly.


So what is it that makes our wine so special? Isn’t all wine vegan? It’s just smashed grapes right? What’s the catch? Actually, the majority of wine uses animal-derived products during production. Who knew?!

When wine goes through a filtration process for the removal of excess protein, yeast, cloudiness, peculiar flavoring or coloring, and organic particles, it passes through “fining agents.” The fining agents are often blood and bone marrow, milk protein, fiber from crustacean shells, fish oil, or gelatin. But alas, there are always ways to avoid these pesky practices.



Native Foods uses this image courtesy of: http://images.winecommunicationsgroup.com/image/wv-2013-05-20_veganvine.jpg


Hence, vegan wine. Animal-friendly processes use carbon, clay, limestone, plant casein, and vegetable plaques as filtering agents instead. Doesn’t that process sound so much more natural and delicious, so in tune with the richness of the earth? We think so.

There are plenty of vegan wines out there including the labels we pour in our restaurants- Vegan Vines, Girasole Vineyards, and Green Truck. Check out this link for an extensive list: http://www.vegans.frommars.org/wine.



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