Where is Everybody Going?

By Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe


I am not one to jump to conclusions or believe something just because one news source reported it. However, seeing a video of buffalos fleeing Yellowstone National park by the herds and stories floating around that it's because a volcano is going to erupt makes me a little concerned. Remember when a lot of fish were dying and birds were falling from the sky dead, yes, that was terrifying for me. I always think animals are on to something and when they start acting different, say evacuating their home, I always think something is up.

So I see stories about this large volcano in Yellowstone and how it is going to wipe out the entire west! Did I even know a volcano that big existed in Yellowstone?! I suddenly picture the United States looking like District 11 of the Hunger Games and start to think about my own survival skills. Then I reel myself back to reality.

Is the only logical explanation for these bison to be running because of a pending volcanic eruption? Probably not.

If you haven't seen the video, watch below.

Apparently the video was shot by a local Yellowstone resident who sees the bison running like this all of the time and just thinks it is a magnificent  sight. According to USA Today, the man had no idea where his video would travel, go viral and become a doomsday warning.

So where are these guys going? Well, they are probably just hungry and moving towards lower elevation to get some food.

Fear not America! We aren't in imminent  danger of being covered in volcanic ash, instead it is just some bison going out for dinner.



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