Kitten Season Continues!

By Lauren Neuschel


It’s mid-April now and you know what that means…Kitten season is upon us. Newborn kittens everywhere! While a million tiny kittens, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, sounds kinda, sorta the cutest thing EVER (see below for proof), too many homeless and sheltered kittens is sad and terribly problematic.



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Come springtime shelters and rescue groups get flooded with homeless litters. That’s why Chicago-area’s Red Door, a no-kill shelter for cats, dogs and rabbits, has its “Spring-to-Life Rescue Raffle” to help save homeless animals from suffering. This group provides critical care, shelter and adoption services for animals like, Kirby, Maisy, and Johnny!

Log on to their website and visit: for more information on how you can enter the raffle (to win cool prizes including a $1,000 Grand Prize) and support this worthwhile cause. 


Red Door[1]

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And if you’re looking to help in other ways, make sure every kitten and cat (every animal for that matter) has a home by spaying and neutering your own pets. Protecting your cat can help so many more!  

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