Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Artificial Sweetener Free Sweets!

By Alana Schachtel 
Native Foods Cafe 
I have been trying to make some healthy and humane changes in my diet.  I have eliminated gluten because of a newfound allergy, I have cut out sugar because it is generally unhealthy, and we all know vegans can't have dairy!  I also find that dairy makes me feel bloated and lethargic, that is no good!  
So, amidst these healthy changes I have still found myself with a hankering for something sweet every now and again.  Ok let's face it I want something sweet after every meal, I just can't help it.  Fortunately I have found some sweets that are vegan, gluten free, and sugar free. I am also not into artificial sweeteners like aspartame, I would rather have stevia which is directly derived from a plant and has not been shown to have any harmful side effects.  Below I will share with you my favorite recipes:
Coco Polo Dark Chocolate Bars
Native Foods uses this image courtesy of
I love this brand! All of their chocolate bars are sweetened with stevia. Make sure you get the dark bars because they are vegan while their milk chocolate bars are not. They come in these great flavors: Cocoa Pure Dark,  70% Cocoa Dark with Whole Dry-Roasted Almonds,70% Cocoa Dark with Elderberry,70% Cocoa Dark with Tart Montmorency Cherries, 70% Cocoa Dark with Ginger, 70% Cocoa Dark with Cocoa Nibs.
Make your own three ingredient chocolate bars!
I got this recipe from a wonderful blog called Chocolate Covered Katie which has many healthy and vegan dessert recipes posted! These dark chocolate bars are very simple and delicious. All you need is:
1/2 Cacao Powder
4 teaspoons melted unrefined coconut oil
Stevia drops to taste
Mix all ingredients until smooth and place on plate or baking sheet covered with wax paper and freeze until solid.  The unfrozen chocolate liquid can be used as a chocolate sauce for your favorite vegan ice cream!
Ice Cream!
The brand LUV makes a wonderful coconut milk based ice cream mix that is so easy to make if you have an ice cream maker (which are pretty inexpensive these days, there is one for $30.00 on Amazon)  The dry mixes are solely sweetened with stevia and can be purchased from Luv's online store.  They currently sell three flavors of dry mixes:
6 ChooChooChooseMe Front Ovall
"My Main Squeeze" which is a zesty blend of organic lemon juice and coconut milk.
"Choo Choo Choose Me" which has a rich chocolatey-coconut flavor.
"I'm Coconuts about You" which is a coconut ice cream with real shredded coconut.
Enjoy your healthy sweets and let me know what you think of them or if you have any more for the list :).

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