In the Spotlight: Nico Vega

By Kelly Behr 


I caught up with the band for lunch in Wicker Park on one of their tour stops in Chicago. I was able to chat with lead singer Aja Volkman about her passion for music and healthy living. After the lunch I attend their show at the All-State Arena where they were opening for Imagine Dragons. 

Photo 1[1]

A vegan feast with Nico Vega. 

1.) What inspires your music? 

I live kind of a crazy life an my music is an outlet. I'm an open book and it's a way for me to record my emotions. 

For us Nico Vega is a way of life. We are 3 people who play music together. We write as a band and help each other develop our ideas. The root of the music is the relationship between us. Nico Vega is about collaboration. We are a family and we honor each other by listening and allowing each other to grow. We push each other to be better and to carry each other when we feel weak.

Photo 5
Playing at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL. 


2.) How important is a healthy lifestyle for you?

I truly believe you are what you eat. I have a fragile emotional state, but I keep myslef on track with a healthy diet and exercise. They are so important to my well being. 

3.) Did anything influence your decision to pursue a vegetarian diet? 

A friend who was battling cancer told me to read Skinny Bitch. He said that their way of eating made him feel better than any other diet he had tried. I was apprehensive about it because I was not one to read diet books, but it really put a plant-based diet into perspective. 

4.) What is your favorite Native Foods item?

As a splurge, I really love those Native chicken wings and nachos. 

Photo 2[1]

We let them splurge before their show. 


5.) How do you spend your free time? 

My husband, daughter and I recently bought a house in Las Vegas. So when I am not meeting the band in LA , I am working on our house, creating art and music and spending time with my daughter. 

6.) What is Nico Vega's next big project? 

We are very excited about our sophmore album, Lead into Light. 

Below you can watch the video of their newest single which shows footage from their last tour with Imagine Dragons. 


Thanks Nico Vega! It was fun to visit with people so passionate about healthy food and music. 


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