Vegan for Your Sole

By Kelly Behr 


As summer rapidly approaches and I think it just might be safe to start pulling out some of my warmer weather clothes. I said maaaybe, I mean I do live in Chicago. The city where it could still snow in May. 


But I am in Portland.  So I decided to stop into my favorite store, Target. This isn't as dangerous of an excersion as in other cities because Portland has no sales tax, which is like the raddest thing ever. So in my quest for more vegan face wash I ended up perusing the shoe department and came up with these: 





They reminded me of my real pre-vegan birkenstock wearing days but unlike those, these are vegan. So way to go Target, you always have my back. Now for tanks, denim shorts and BBQs, vegtable ones of course. Summer…I can almost smell you! 



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