S’more vegan s’mores, please!

By Sammy Caiola

Native Foods Cafe 

Hot days and warm nights are fast approaching, and with them the nostalgic and irrefutable desire to eat the signature food of summer: the s’more.

The s’more was first introduced to America by early 20th-century campers, who discovered the simplicity and portability of the snack shortly after the release of the commercial marshmallow. The first s’more recipe was published in the Girl Scout Handbook in 1927.

Now, the s’more is universal. A staple of any summer bonfire or barbecue and a favorite among children and adults alike.  Americans are so taken with the concept that they purchase 90 million pounds of marshmallow and 373 million HERSHEY chocolate bars every year.

Unfortunately,  it’s not all smiles and sticky fingers when it comes to s’more making. All three traditional s’more ingredients are products of animal cruelty, from the gelatin in marshmallows to the honey in graham crackers to the milk in chocolate bars. For many vegans, s’mores—and the awesome fireside memories that accompany them—would appear to be off the table entirely.

But don’t worry- Native’s got you covered! We snooped around for a more ethically and environmentally friendly marshmallow that’s just as tasty, and came up with a few ideas.  Here’s how they stack up:


  1. The Graham Crackers


-Nabisco Original Graham Crackers

Keebler low-fat cinnamon grahams

-Health Valley Amaranth Graham Crackers


** if you’re feeling really bold, try making homemade graham crackers using this recipe from Post Punk Kitchen



  1. The Marshmallow

-Sweet and Sara (all varieties)

-Dandies Air-puffed Vanilla Marshmallows


  1. The Chocolate

 -Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

-Whole Foods Brand Dark Chocolate

-Newman’s Own Chocolate Bars (Espresso flavor)


So gather up your supplies (including a few long sticks from the nearby woods) and get ready to make the perfect campfire treat, vegan style.


One thought on “S’more vegan s’mores, please!

  1. Pam D June 6, 2014 / 12:08 am

    You can also use marshmallow fluff and put them in them broiler for a minute. Also, then you can have that taste of summer in the city during a polar vortex!


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