Vegan Recipe: That’s My Jam!

By Alex Placencia

Executive Chef

Native Foods Cafe

Photo 3

I recently came up with an amazing recipe for homemade jam.  Using fruits in season… I put in nectarine, pineapple, organic raw sugar, coconut extract and fresh lime juice.  I have named it Mojito Jam and this is no ordinary jam!  Here is the recipe and instructions below-

Sliced Nectarines                                                  1 Lb

Diced Pineapple                                                    2 Cups

Raw Sugar                                                             4 Tbs

Fresh Lime Juice                                                    4 Tbs

Coconut Extract                                                     1 Tsp

Water                                                                    4 Tbs

1)      Place all ingredients in a large stock pot over very low heat for about 45 minutes, stirring often.

Photo 2

2)     Remove from heat and let cool.

3)     Portion into a mason jar of whatever size you like, and seal!


Enjoy in the morning (or anytime!) with whole wheat toast and vegan butter; it’s a great jam for summertime and an awesome gift for friends and family too!

Jam 3

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