Protecting your skin…with vegan sunscreen

By Kelly Behr 

Native Foods 


Summertime and the livin's easy…and so is it to acquire one of those nasty sunburns. Those Sublime song lyrics refer to the bit slower pace and relaxing aura that surrounds nice warm summer day. I love being out in the sun, whether is be sitting and ready by the pool or just walking around exploring the city. 

Now that the sun is out in full force we need to be sure we are protecting our precious skin. No one likes a burn! So lathering up the SPF is no longer an option but a necessity. 

The good news is you have generously apply that sunscreen without comprising your ethics, there are more and more vegan sunscreens popping up on shelves everyday. 



This is one I have used before and it can normally be found at a Whole Foods or other natural grocery stores. If there are not some in your area you can also buy it right from their website:



I have not tried the Lavanila…yet. I love their deodorants and when I saw they had a line of sun screen, I added it to my list. This bottle can also be purchased right from their website: I have gotten the deodorant at Sephora, but I have yet to see this in a store. 

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