Are Meat Eaters Killing the Planet?

By Kelly Behr 

Native Foods Cafe


A recent article that USA Today featured as something to check out online caught my attention. The headline, "Holy Cow, Are Meat Eaters Destroying Our Planet?" had me thinking of course! But I wanted to read the article and see what they had to say. 


The article pretty much concluded, the more meat you eat the more of a carbon footprint you leave. There was a scientifc study done at Oxford University about how these carbon footprints were determined. Feel free to read it here. It was a very technical study conducted on 65,000 people and their consumption habits. 

Basically the results were that the meat eaters' carbon foot print was double that of those who do not eat meat. There are different causes to this but one major cause is that is takes a lot more energy from our planet to raise animals as food than it does to care for crops. 

At Native Foods we care deeply about the environment. We love to say that Earth Day is everyday, well, because it should be! This is our house, we should keep our house clean! We can help the planet tremendously if we all just do a little bit, one plant base meal a day, a week, a month makes a difference. 

And here at Native Foods we make it very very easy on you. 


A meat-free Twister Wrap anyone?



No? How about a Bacon Oklahoma Cheeseburger? I mean, this is not your average vegan sandwich!


Now see? It's sooo easy to incorporate some plant-based eating into your diet! 





2 thoughts on “Are Meat Eaters Killing the Planet?

  1. Heather July 20, 2014 / 11:19 am

    It should really come as no surprise at this point that a plant-based diet is more environmentally-friendly that one incorporates meat, especially on a daily basis. This was rather intuitive way back when John Robbins first started writing about the resources required to ‘produce’ plant-based food versus cattle and other meats. However, vegan does not necessarily imply healthy and one must make sure to be conscious of consuming good quality ingredients!


  2. Verna Knapp July 14, 2014 / 10:26 pm

    Any plans on bringing a Native Foods to the Phoenix area?
    So many asleep old school people hear that need a change of appetite and thinking!
    Plus, I need employment!
    Verna Knapp


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