Native Pals Partnership: Farm Sanctuary, Meet our Farm!

By Kelly Behr 

Native Foods Cafe 


We are so excited about a new program called Native Pals that we have launched this summer. Native Pals is our new giveback program where we are so fortunate to be partnered with three amazing national organizations. Farm Sanctuary, Surfrider and Mercy for Animals. These are three groups we are very passionate about as they align with our restaurant's core values. This program is replacing Native Community Days and is a way that we can bring all our restaurants together working for great causes. We will be able to develop long lasting relationships with these groups and really make a difference! This program is a bit similar to Native Community Days in the respect that we will be doing monthly give backs to one of these three groups and offer a free special dessert with purchase of entrée, side and Drink.
This month's give back is today! We will be offering a special Blueberry Crumble! Farm Sanctuary is the beneficiary of this giveback day….as you can see on the table tents in all the Native Foods we were able to adopt a farm from the LA Sanctuary and as a very special addition we were even able to name their latest rescue in NY…a cow named Twister after our Twister Wrap! So we are super excited to work with these groups all year.
Now let us introduce our Farm! 

Macy was the subject of a common 4-H project that requires each participant to raise a farm animal. These animals often receive poor care, and, in the case of pigs, they are subjected to ear notching, an industry procedure in which pieces of the ear are cut out, without anesthesia, for identification purposes. To complete the project, the young caregiver must auction the animal for slaughter at a local fair. Luckily for Macy, the young woman responsible for her refused to take the pig to her death and decided instead to find her a loving home. Now safe at our Southern California Shelter, Macy has her own projects to pursue: lounging in the shade, splashing in water tubs and snuggling with her friends in the pig barn.


Maria was among dozens of animals seized from a scene of horror by Los Angeles County humane officers in 2009. Raised by a backyard butcher, the sheep, goats, and pigs could hear the screams of animals slaughtered nearby and were fed the meat scraps that could not be sold. By the time they were rescued, these neglected creatures were emaciated and ailing. When officers contacted our Southern California Shelter, we rushed the animals to refuge and embarked on several weeks of rehabilitation. With medical attention and lots of care, Maria and her friends recovered. Now healthy and happy, Maria is thoroughly enjoying her new life.



Dandypants was brought to our Southern California Shelter after he was found running loose in Los Angeles County. He likely escaped from a local “live market,” a facility where live animals are selected by customers to be slaughtered on site. Live markets perpetuate a host of animal cruelties, from miserable living conditions to brutal slaughter procedures. Now safe from such perils, Dandypants struts happily about the sanctuary grounds, enjoying the company of the other rescued chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese who call our Southern California Shelter home. Like them, this little guy with a big personality will never again be treated with anything but love.



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