by Kelly Behr 

Native Foods Cafe


Meet Micah Risk, mother, business owner, runner, vegan and the newest cover model for Ruuner's World. And what a more perfect match for the October Nutrition Issue. Run, vegans, run!




I had the pleasure of meeting Micah at DC Veg Fest where I learned a little more about her and her business which just happens to be in food…healthy & delicious food, we already had so much in common.. well except for the whole, her being a marathon runner thing. 


She has started this rad business called Ligher Culture which is designed to make it easy for people to eat healthier, stick to their diets and stay within their budgets. They offer food coaches who tailor your food preferences just for you! Then you are given a special meal plan, set up a time for your groceries to be delivered and boom…you are your own gourmet chef. Lighter is going on a national launch soon, so stay tuned! 

I was able to stay and watch her cooking demo as she showed the crowd a few simple recipes that they could easily make at home. Her tacos sounded delicious, I really should have taken notes! 


I am excited to hear how Lighter is expanding, click here to sign up to hear when the food delivery service is available in your city!

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