Celebration for the Turkeys!

by Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

The 20th Annual Wellington, Gene Baur approved!

This past Saturday was Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration for the Turkeys at their Acton, CA sanctuary located right outside of LA. This yearly event allows people to come and be part of a vegan thanksgiving celebration, visit the farm animals and see real life turkeys enjoying some of their favorite foods! As a partner of Farm Sanctuary we served our Native Wellingtons for the first time ever! 

Turkey feast

This is what Thanksgiving for a Turkey looks like!


Jessica the Turkey loves the sweet potato pie!

After the Turkeys had their celebration we were all led down to the tent where we had dinner and listened to amazing speakers about the benefits of a vegan diet and the compassion it brings to both the animals, your body and the planet. It was a lovely even full of gratitude and a true sense of community. Not to mention the Wellingtons were a hit! 


So many Wellingtons!

(Be sure to order yours on nativefoods.com before they sell out!)

But a BIG thank you to Farm Sanctuary for throwing such an amazing event. We were honored to be a part of it and to share our food with a whole new audience and spread the good word of a plant based diet. 

And my favorite part of the day, spending time with Rosie in the barn.

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