Cyber Monday Just Got a Whole Lot More Compassionate

By Kelly Behr


The Internet, the largest store on earth that never closes! As I have been doing my holiday shopping I have put together a cruelty free gift guide for your compassionate giving this holiday season. Nothing says peace and joy like ending animal cruelty. 

Good thing retailers are taking notice of the movement. On the top of my list this year is a rad vegan leather jacket by one of my favorite brands, Free People. Available in black, green and red. 

Free people

Native Foods uses this image courtesy of

For the beauty queens in your life…. I mean who doesn’t want glowing skin for the holiday season? Turn to LUSH Cosmetics. They have the prettiest wrapped gift sets this year, like my favorite, the shine package. Lucious skin awaits! 

Shine wrapped
Native Foods uses this image courtesy of Lush cosmetics.

Want to be a cool dude this year? How about rocking these Macbeth low profile sneakers. Macbeth is a great brand brought to us my Tom Delonge himself. Most well know for his time in Blink-182 and Angels and Airwave but his most important accomplishment (for the purposes of this list) is of course his contribution to the vegan shoe movement. So get on the move and order them today at!

Native Foods uses this image courtesy of

And because no stocking deserves to be left unstuffed we have the perfect gift for everyone! I mean who doesn’t want a stocking full of Meatball Subs, Chicken Run Ranch Burgers and Oatmeal Creme Pies! Best Part is if you buy $100 worth of gift cards,we will give you $20…FREE! 

Veggie fam

And last but certaintly not least a gift that keeps on giving can be found at the shop portions of all of our Native Pals. Adopt a goat, pig or a cow at Farm Sanctuary and pair it with their 2015 calendar for an animal every month of the year! Get a t-shirt from Mercy for Animals for the animal lover in your life or a membership and sweet beanie from the Surfrider shop! 


Mfa Farm calendar

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