Native Foods Washington D.C. Video Contest Winners!

DC pic

In the spirit of our new D.C. area vegan restaurant opening next week in Falls Church, Virginia (WOOHOO!!) we wanted to give a little shout out to some of our most passionate, loyal and creative guests EVER– all of our winners from the Native Foods D.C. Grand Opening Video Contest!! Your entries were seriously above and beyond what we expected…from hilarious to touching to just plain wacky! Thank you again to all of our winners and to anyone who submitted an entry. Today’s post is for all of YOU!

Riley Sims

Erica Bee

Elle Stevens

Wanda B. Jin

Ian Keiser

Brenda Fahn

Aaron Mento

Sanjay Washwani

Jacqueline Law

Jaeda Jontelle Raines

Marissa Pledger

Yi Dhoo



Derek & Annalisa


Check out our latest contest on our Facebook page under the “Creative with Native” tab and win some awesome prizes!

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