USA Today’s 2015 Foodie Trends

By: Lauren Neuschel

What’s “in” in 2015 (besides Native Foods and veganism of course!)? USA Today has the scoop on the biggest trends to hit the foodie world this year.

The Top 10 shocked us! But what didn’t surprise us was the continuing shift towards a healthier, vegetable-loving diet! Here’s their projection (get ready for bigger, better and…louder?):

Tumblr_m6m0929uVt1qhro4co1_500Native Foods uses this image courtesy of:

  1. Dining Goes Hollywood: Dining establishments make their restaurant and its dishes more photo friendly to appease Instagrammers far and wide
  2. Craft beer begets “craft food”: Food made in small batches using local ingredients
  3. Healthier kids meals: This is something we can stand behind!
  4. Cauliflower, the new kale: It’s the new “it” veggie
  5. Culinary cannabis: As more states legalize, the herb will find its way into baked goods, candies and other foods
  6. The super fruit: The African fruit, baobab, will start popping up everywhere. It’s got a lot of calcium and fiber! BaobabNative Foods uses this image courtesy of:
  7. Techie restaurants: New technologies to make and sell food
  8. Food fusion: Eat your drinks and drink your food (ex: drinks with whole fruits and vegetables in them).
  9. Vegetable yogurt: What?! Think beets, squash, and tomato…
  10. Gen Z appeal: So long Millennials, it’s Gen Z’s turn. Get ready for restaurants to cater to the youngest generation. Louder music, brighter lights are coming.

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