But where do you get your protein?!

by Kelly Behr

Protein Myth

This could quite possibly be the most asked question a vegan will ever encounter. And why is no one concerned about getting TOO much protein. It’s as if this couldn’t possible happen.

Protein keeps managing be the star of the show.  Now even the dairy industry is pushing protein. Their new commercial shows how much almond milk you would have to drink in order to get the same protein as dairy milk. A man proceeds to chug an enormous jug of almond milk and then they make lame jokes about less milk and less bathroom breaks with dairy.  All this shows is that the big bad dairy industry is feeling a little threatened by our plant based alternatives.

But, thankfully The New York Times took to this protein myth today. Addressing that diets high in animal protein and fat are leading to heart disease. Duh. But even diets low in fat and high protein are not all they are cracked up to be. It seems the only real diet that improves your chances of a pro-longed healthy life is a whole foods and plant based one.  So a point for the plants!

Read the entire article here and give yourself a pat on the back for choosing the diet that is the best for your and our planet.


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