What about Bob?

Native Foods uses this as courtesy of change.org
We here at Native foods are always trying to find meaningful and innovative ways to eliminate animal cruelty from our lives. That’s why we have turned our attention to Illinois and its newly proposed legislation, Bill HB 352. In a nut shell, this HB 352 will be submitted to Illinois govern this week proposing for the establishment of a new hunting and trapping season for bobcats. You know those wild cats who are only a little bigger than a house cat and have incredibly crazy awesome ears?? 
Yeah well Illinois wants to start hunting these guys. But they aren’t hunting them because they are threaten farm animals or providing food for people. Nope, it’s because people want to sell their pelts.  This seems a little out of whack, especially when the DNR estimates that there are only 3000- 5000 of these guys in Illinois. Stand with us and our friends at the Humane Society and lets #savethecats.
 Here’s how you can help

1. Contact Governor Rauner’s office in multiple ways every day

o Call his office during business hours (8am – 5pm) at (312) 814-2121. You can leave a polite message like, “I’m a constituent, and I live in [CITY], IL. I’m calling to urge the governor to veto H.B. 352, the bobcat hunting bill. This hunt has no basis in science, and is irresponsible wildlife management. Thank you.” You can also call after business hours.

o Post a polite comment on the Governor’s Facebook page (instructions here), asking him to veto HB 352. Please check back often to see if there are new posts; you can comment on each new one. “Like” others’ comments urging a veto as well.

o Email the Governor using this online form. Politely ask him to veto H.B. 352 and keep bobcats protected.

o Tweet at Governor Rauner every day asking him to veto the bobcat bill. Make sure to use the relevant hashtags #VetoHB352 and #SaveOurCats. Here’s a sample tweet: “@GovRauner, please #SaveOurCats and #VetoHB352!!” You can also retweet and favorite others’ polite tweets asking the Governor to veto HB 352.

  1. Submit a letter to the editor! Letters to the editor of a newspaper are really important because public officials pay special attention to this section, and it also makes that particular paper more likely to run stories or editorialize on the issue. If you’re willing to send a letter to the editor, email Samantha Hagio at shagio@humanesociety.org and let her know the city you live in and she’ll send draft content (which you’re free to edit or use as is), as well as simple instructions for submitting it electronically. It would take less than 5 minutes!
  2. Sign and share this change.org petition!
  3. Engage Others: Please engage ten of your friends and family members and ask them to take the above three actions! Feel free to forward this email!
  4. Phone bank for bobcats! With an easy-to-use online system, you can make phone calls to Humane Society members in Illinois, asking them to call Governor Rauner office. It’s easy, fun, and makes a big difference. Contact Will Ogden at wogden@hsus.org to get started making calls! They can be made at any time of the day before 9pm, any day of the week.

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