Living the Farm Sanctuary Life!

By Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

Native Foods Welcomes Gene Baur in Westwood!

gene talk 5

We were very excited to host Gene Baur, co-founder and president at Farm Sanctuary. Gene recently wrote a new book, “Living the Farm Sanctuary Life” and stopped by our Westwood location to speak to a packed house.

Gene is really the epitome of compassionate living and an incredibly engaging speaker. I have heard him speak on a few occasions and never miss an opportunity to hear him again. He raises awareness of the dangers of factory farming and how plant based food is good for our bodies in way that isn’t scary. I mean as less terrifying as you can be when speaking about factory farming in our country.


He knows the animals names by heart at the sanctuaries and talks about their very differing personalities. He tells survivor stories about some of the animals now living a comfortable life on one of the 3 sanctuaries they own.

After his talk he graciously took questions from the crowd. A new vegan asked him, “Do you have an elevator speech about how we get our protein?” He laughs and says, “Well, no one has ever died from lack of protein.” Then goes on to say that it is in everything from leafy greens to lentils to the more protein dense products like tofu.

Afterwards people lined up to grab his new book. I hope we have created some new plant-based fans!

gene signing 4

Be on the look out for special Native Foods events at locations near you! Thank you to Gene and to our Pals at Farm Sanctuary for a very special evening.

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