Tree of Life

By Shea Lewis

Native Foods Cafe

Although we love our fruits and veggies at Native Foods, July of 2015 our hearts belong to the Moringa tree. It has often referred to as the tree of life and we believe rightfully so. But before we tell you why here is a little back ground. The Moringa Tree was originally found in at the base of the Himalayas and has since spread virtually every culture around the globe. The wide use of Moringa by global cultures is due to its versatility and unparalleled health benefits. The Tree itself boasts of tremendous drought tolerance, while its seeds and leaves carry staggering amounts of nutrients. A single serving of 100 grams provides 4x the amount of vitamin A as a carrot, 7 x the amount of vitamin C as an orange and almost 3x the amount of Potassium as a banana. On top of this 100 grams of dried leaves contains 27 grams of protein! I’m switching to Moringa!


Native Foods uses this image courtesy of

We absolutely love this plant because of its health benefits but even more so because people are using it to save other people’s lives. In tropical regions, such as Malawi, El Salvador and Zimbabwe Non-Governmental Organizations are using Moringa to combat malnutrition and provide a natural nutrient source to struggling populations. Some of these organizations include Trees for Life International and World Vision. In conjunction with NOG’s using Moringa to save lives in a 2011 annual report of The World Health Organization they published a study affirming the anti-diabetic effects of Moringa.

Undoubtedly this tree has incredible benefits, so make room in your garden and save yourself the trip to the vitamin store because Moringa really is the tree of life.

All statistics are courtesy of Trees for life.

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