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By, Kelly Behr

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Do images like these evoke fear in you?  Black Friday has taken a major turn in the last couple of years to the point where it shouldn’t even be called Black Friday sine retailers everywhere are jumping on the Thursday opening bandwagon.

I remember waking up super early with my father growing up and hitting one of the major retailers. We were never going for anything in particular we would just go for the experience of maybe buying a large tin full of popcorn for $2.00. We definitely weren’t sleeping in our cars over night or fighting people like the scene in Jingle All the Way.  We were calm cool and collected and usually home before my sister and mother had attempted to get out of bed.

As a child this seemed like a fun adventure with my dad, as an adult it seems like more of a nightmare. And with the Internet at our finger tips, going out on Black Friday can be left to only the thrill seekers.

So if this isn’t your cup of tea I have compiled some of the websites where you can buy great vegan gifts right from your couch.


1.)   Herbivore Clothing  and they even have specials throughout the weekend with this link :

2.)   Matt and Nat, this is one of my favorite vegan line of products and their website offers access to all their products.



3.)   Mooshoes offers all sorts of stylish vegan shoes including their own brand, Novacs which affectionately means, no cows.



4.)   Alternative Outfitters, an online vegan boutique.



These are just a few samplings of some sites online that offer great and unique vegan products. Be sure to keep checking our blog as we will be unveiling some of our favorite gift ideas for the season. 

5 Reasons to Vegan this Week

By, Kelly Behr

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1.)Help to reverse or prevent diabetes.


November 14th was World Diabetes Day.  And the word of that day was vegan. Many people spoke out on how a vegan diet can prevent and even help reverse type 2 diabetes:

“A study led by Dr Neal Barnard, the president of The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in Washington, DC,  even showed that people with type 2 diabetes can significantly control the disease — and lose weight just by going vegan. Dr Barnard divided volunteers with diabetes into two groups — one was placed on the standard non-vegetarian diet prescribed by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and the other was placed on a low-fat vegan diet.”

-        Excerpt from the article Go Vegan to prevent and reverse diabetes, see the full article



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We usually feature tasty snacks and cool products which we still do, below, but you cannot deny the health benefits of a plant based diet.


2.) Nasty Girl Off Duty Anorak.

This jacket combines three of my favorite things: it’s a jacket; it comes in army green and has vegan leather. This jacket is about as cool as being a vegan.

Nasty Girl features products that you are not going to find anywhere else. The founders search high and low for their perfectly cool pieces and type in “vegan” in the search button on their site and you have about 176 rad items to choose from. 



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3.)  Yum Earth Organics Fruit Snacks


These fruit snacks by Yum Earth are Fat Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic. These things wouldn’t have mattered in the least bit when I was in elementary school, tearing through my lunch box looking to see if I was rewarded that day with my beloved Gushers. Gushers, a staple junk food item of the early 90s, were probably none of the above but the only thing that matters to a kid is how they taste. These fruit snacks by Yum Organic passed my taste test. They were just as delicious as the fruit snacks I remembered loving as a kid. Good work Yum Organics. 

4.)  Trader Joe’s Spa Lotion.

As I was perusing through Trader Joes on a mission to find lotion and avoid going to  Target and ending up with 3 more sweaters when all I needed was some hand lotion….bad. The windy city is not great for the skin especially in the winter months. I saw Trader Joe’s now has a spa lotion. And the best part (for me) is it’s lavender! Oh yeah and natural and vegan of course. 


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5.)  Zico Chocolate Coconut Water


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This is a product I am have become obsessed with over the years. It is tastes like ice-cold chocolate milk, but without the milk because it is water and nutritious and contains electrolytes. It is like magical chocolate milk with hydrating super powers. I like it so much that anyone who comes over I make them try it. My neighbor was being quite the naysayer one night claiming she hates coconut water; I do not take this as a valid argument because it doesn’t taste anything like normal coconut water. She eventually tried it and of course loved it.  In fact she loved it so much that I came home to a few bottles waiting for me outside my door as a thank you.





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5 Reasons to Vegan this Week

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe


1.)  Rescue
Chocolate, “the sweetest way to save a life”


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Not only are these all vegan candy
bars amazing but they also contribute to an amazing cause. 100% percent of the
profits, 100% goes back to saving the lives of shelter animals including the
most needy…Pitbulls. This cause tugs at my heart stings. I have volunteered at
a shelter for a few years and have made some pretty strong bonds with pitbulls.
Snickers, Lady, Chloe, Camille, were all some of the sweetest dogs we had. They
were just large dogs that thought they were lap dogs. I really think the tide
is turning for the better for these misunderstood canines and I support any
cause that helps them out. And if I HAVE to eat vegan candy bars to do so well,
then so be it!




So buy a candy bar and help dogs like Camille,
a 40 pound pitbull that thinks she is the perfect lap dog.


2.)  Penny
Sparkle Designs

If the name alone doesn’t draw you in then the 100% vegan,
100% original products should. Penny Sparkle Designs is a vegan company
location in Encinitas California that was started by two girls, one designer
and one artist. The products feature unique hand painted fabric that is created in
their studio. I have this bag:


BB114-2T-1Native Foods Café uses this image courtesy of

But I love this wallet too and it
could be just the perfect little stocking stuffer.  All of their designs can be found at
Happy shopping! 



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3.)  Squash!

Squash is everywhere this season. There are so many different varieties and so many things you can do with them. From butternut to acron to spaghetti. If you need some inspriration we have many different recipes for you right here on this blog, Roasted Seitan with Acorn Squash to a Turban Squash dish! 

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4.)  Bare
Bones cleanser


Another vegan product with another cool
logo. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wash their face with a product that looks
like it is in a vintage apothecary bottle with a logo of a skeleton with suds
on their head? Now the result is a clean face that is not left dry at all due
to the tree oil that is in this hip face cleanser. So if you’re looking for an
animal friendly cleanser to liven up your bedtime and morning routine, Bare
Bones is your answer.


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5.)Toasted Hemp seeds


These Mary Jane Hemp seeds are utterly
addictive. They are such a great desk snack or sprinkled atop of a leafy green
salad. They are loaded with nutritional goodness but that is just disguised as
a good tasting snack.

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5 Reasons to Vegan this Week…the fashion edition

By, Kelly Behr

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A decision to go vegan can be a big life changer, but in the
best way possible of course, because they do not call it the compassionate diet for
nothing. Some people believe a true vegan is one who steers clear from all
animal products and this includes in their wardrobe. But fashion is fun and just because you have chosen to go on this awesome vegan journey doesn’t mean your
closet has to suffer with lame clothes, shoes and bags. Companies are taking
notice and even labeling items as vegan and with the Internet at your disposal
the possibilities are endless! Ralph Lauren once famously said, “Fashion is
what you wear, style is how you live your life. “


1.)  A
Faux Leather Jacket.

I have several and I love them all. Faux
leather has come a long way in not appearing to be plastic as you may
remember from the past. In fact, some of my jackets stack up so good to the
real thing you could never tell. And….as a bonus some of them you can wash
right in the washing machine! This one below is right up my alley with a built
in removable hood for those unpredictable weather days. 

0760472540006NEW_03_001 1.04.40 AM

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2.)  Good
Guys Don’t Wear Leather, boots

What a fun name and a cool company who is
dedicated to bringing fashionable boots to both men and women. These men’s boots
below come in several colors. So be one of the good guys and pick yourself up a


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3.)  Cross-body


Free People scores again with this
animal friendly bag. I live in a city where I do a lot of walking and in
the evening when I want to meet friends out I do not want to have to lug around
a large handbag, so cross body bags are my jam most of the time. This little ditty
from Free People is a great day to evening bag. 


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4.)  Timbuku2
messenger bag

This unisex bag made from 100%
recycle PET materials is the perfect accessory for the fashion and environment
conscious guy or gal on the go.


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5.)  Macbeth

I could hardly write about vegan
fashion without featuring one item from Mooshoes, one of the first all vegan
retailers, located in New York City. They feature tons of brands that are either all vegan or have vegan versions of their products. These particular
sneaks come in the blue shown below or the all black version, both are
available on their website.


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5 Reasons to Vegan this week

By Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe 


1.) I would say I am borderline addicted to
chips. I can pass on cupcakes and sweets all day long but as soon as a bag of
chips is in my presence it is my junk food kryptonite. In my never ending quest
of finding tasty chips of the vegan variety I came across Beanfield's Bean and
Rice chips. They are delicious. They come in several flavors and even offer a Nacho Cheese one. My favorite so far has been the salt and pepper.
But this isn't the end of my chip story, they also are packed with fiber and
protein, something, you know, people are always asking vegans about. If you
cannot find them at your local grocery store, no worries, they make ordering
online from their site easy peasy. 




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2.) Natural is the new black, or is green the
new black? I can never keep the new blacks straight but in any event I found a
great line of products that are all natural, all vegan and all, as the owner
says, leaping bunny (cruelty-free) approved. The company is North Coast
Organics and they are based out of Chicago. I love all things lavender so I was
immediately drawn to their, death by lavender, line, plus it has a really
stellar logo on the front. So anyone looking for new natural products to add
into their bathroom lineup, I would give North Coast Organics a try. 


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3.) Matt and Nat strike again. This company
who has been producing animal free products using all recycled materials for
years has great bags for fall. My personal favorite is this one that can also
be worn as a cross body bag. You can find all their new products on their


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4.) Pumpkin Pie is back this fall with a vengeance
and this includes of the Native Foods variety, because what is better than
Pumpkin Pie? Well, vegan pumpkin pie of course. The Native Foods fall menu is
out at all locations with new items like the Southwest Chipotle Chop Salad and
an old favorite, the Mad Cowboy. In fact Pumpkin Pie is free this Tuesday and
Wednesday for Native Community Days with the purchase of an entree, side and


Pumpkin pie a

5.) Some of my favorite tennis shoes I have
owned have been by Saucony. My sister and I have been wearing the jazz version
for years and years. They too have a vegan line, which is pretty sweet. I was
stoked when I discovered the bullet is animal free! It comes in a variety of
cool colors, I tend to be partial to the plain old black ones, maybe just a
creature of habit, but nonetheless if you are looking for a comfortable light
weight tennis shoe, Saucony has you covered! 


Bullet vegan

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5 Reasons to Vegan this Week

by Sammy Caiola

Native Foods Cafe

few pick-me-up products to remind you how sweet it is to be vegan these days:


Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

potato is one of my favorite super foods, and now I can carry it with me
wherever I go! These chips are hearty, crunchy, salty and still pretty
nutritious. They pair well with sunried tomato pesto or even fruit salad!
Almost all of the chips from this brand are certified vegan (except for the
cheddar varieties and the chocolate chip strips, which sound kind of funky anyway). 

Sweet potato

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Vintage Tennessee Vegan Purse

this cool Tennessee purse on Etsy, it could be a great, quirky addition to your
fall wardrobe. Whether you’re from Tennessee or not, rock it with a pair of
jeans. But act fast- this vendor’s supplies are limited.


Tennesee bag

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Eli’s Earth Treasure Bar

Halloween on my radar, I can’t stop thinking about chocolate. This vegan bar,
from Sjaak’s organic chocolates, is a vegan’s dream come true. Made with
non-dairy chocolate, peanut butter and caramel, it tastes a bit like a Butterfinger,
but way less processed. It’s also gluten free!

Treasure bar

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Sanctuary Vegan Sweater Dress

white sweater dress with faux-leather sleeves is unlike anything I’ve ever seen
and I’m totally getting it. The tunic hemline and pockets give it a casual
feel, but with the jeweled neckline and tight bust you could definitely wear it
for a night out with the girls.

Vegan dress

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Macadamia Nut Cheese from Punk Rawk Labs

love this dairy-free cheese lab, which makes all of its products with nut milk.
This holiday season, I’m going for the Smoked Macadamia nut cheese with the
black pepper crust. It’s a bit more solid than the spreadable cashew cheese and
I bet it’s going to be a huge hit in the mix of holiday hors d’oeuvres. 


Macademia cheese

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5 Reasons to Vegan this Week


  1. Straw Propeller Gourmet Muesli: These
    individually packaged, all-vegan
    muesli cups
    are perfect for on-the-go breakfasts or mid-day work snacks. Try
    the Apple Cranberry flavor (buckwheat, oats, apples, cranberries, almonds,
    pumpkin seeds) or the original (buckwheat, oats, raisins, dates, walnuts,
    pumpkin seeds, flax seed). Serve with soy yogurt or non-dairy milk for a nutty
    autumn treat.




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    2.  ApRi Coffee
Sack Backpacks:
Looking for an awesome vegan backpack for back to school?
Look no further than April and Richer, a Rhode Island seamstress/seamster duo
who created these coffee
sack backpacks.
Handmade from canvas and burlap (acquired from local coffee
shops), these 18×12-inch packs are lightweight, functional and full of love.
They also make wallets, belts and tote bags.


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3.   Vegan
Grub Hub:
Madison, WI is changing the game this month with their new online
menu guide,
Spearheaded by the Alliance for Animals and the Environment, the new website
allows you to search all the vegan-friendly restaurants in the city by
neighborhood or type of cuisine. 
The search will tell you the restaurant’s basic info as well as which
specific items are vegan. Not bad for the nation’s dairy capital!


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4.  Portobello
Po’Boy at Native Foods
: End the week on a good note at your local Native
Foods, where this special sandwich
will be served Sept. 20th -22nd. It’s a crispy baguette
stacked with battered mushrooms, chipotle remoulade sauce and crunchy pickle
chips, served with lemon wedges and a side of old bayou fries. Mmmmmm.


  5.   Tiki Crafts Slouchy Hats: Fall is my
favorite season, not only for the colorful trees and the warm cuisine but also
for the fashion. It’s time for tall
boots, soft sweaters and light hats before the snow storms start. But where to
find it vegan? Try Tiki
Fiber Crafts
, available on Etsy. The hats are made of acrylic yarn and are
totally stylish (they also look pretty warm).


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Taska Vegan Bags

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


Taska out of Canada makes some really cool vegan bags.  They are available on Etsy and you can check
out there website HERE.  These are some of our favorites:  


The Meadow Tote in Multi Stripe

Meadow Tote in Mulit-Stripe


The Camilla Black & Charcoal Tote Bag

Camille Black & Charcoal Tote Bag



The Fawn Cosmetic Bag in Black Feathers Print

Fawn Cosmetic Purse Black Feathers Print


The Scout Bag in Black


Scout Bag in Black



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Handbag of the Week: Dante Robles Woven Bucket Bag

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


I absolutely love the Woven Bucket Bag by Dante Robles Design!  And it just won the “Timberland Best Green Handbag” at the Seventh Annual Independent Handbag Design Awards as it is made from "upcycled" inner tubes.  So cool.  Plus it has removable fringe, which is super rad cause I am not really into fringe.  But for those who are, they have that option. Thank you Rachel Santos for making such lovely environmentally responsible accessories.

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The Etsy Vegan Bag Round-up

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


It's that time again… The Etsy Vegan Bag Round-up!  Unique, stylish and cruelty-free.


The New Moira from Traccebags



The Everyday Crossbody by reabags




The Oversized Constellation Tote by LauraFrisk



For those who don't like schlepping, LunaDesignn makes a bunch of rad Pocket Belts



The Hybrid Fold Over Clutch by BlueNini



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