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By Kelly Behr

Native Foods had an opportunity to be part of a great event at Amour Shoes, an all vegan shoe and accessories store located by our River Forest location.


Students were treated to Native Foods eats and were able to hear our Pals at Mercy For Animals speak about living a cruelty free life! It was like the full vegan circle. Learning about the harmful effects of factory farming to animals and the environment and then treated to both vegan food and fashion, showing these kids how easy it is to incorporate vegan options into their everyday life…great tasting and looking ones!


It is so awesome to expose a whole group of students to plant based cuisine who may have never eaten vegan food before. Thank you Amour Shoes for inviting us to participate!


Nicora Johns Does It Again!

By Kelly Behr 

Sometimes I get discouraged about finding shoes that are made from vegan products. My trusty Target go to is always a great option for man-made leather but when looking for some higher end shoes, there is always Nicora Johhs. This brand makes effortlessly cool shoes for both girls and boys. My newest obsession is their waxed canvas lace up boots. Check them out here. (ps: waxed canvas is a great leather alternative and looks pretty rad too).


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Could there be anything cooler to wear while walking your dog?!

Five Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Seriously Anyone

By: Lauren Neuschel

 1. Creek House Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collection: Have you ever tried these uh-mazing vegan truffles? They are literally addicting, and come in a ton of cool flavors…chili mango, dark espresso, luscious raspberry, and coconut, to be exact. Vegan AND gourmet!


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Vegan for Your Sole

By Kelly Behr 


As summer rapidly approaches and I think it just might be safe to start pulling out some of my warmer weather clothes. I said maaaybe, I mean I do live in Chicago. The city where it could still snow in May. 


But I am in Portland.  So I decided to stop into my favorite store, Target. This isn't as dangerous of an excersion as in other cities because Portland has no sales tax, which is like the raddest thing ever. So in my quest for more vegan face wash I ended up perusing the shoe department and came up with these: 





They reminded me of my real pre-vegan birkenstock wearing days but unlike those, these are vegan. So way to go Target, you always have my back. Now for tanks, denim shorts and BBQs, vegtable ones of course. Summer…I can almost smell you! 



The Web is the New Black

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe



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Do images like these evoke fear in you?  Black Friday has taken a major turn in the last couple of years to the point where it shouldn’t even be called Black Friday sine retailers everywhere are jumping on the Thursday opening bandwagon.

I remember waking up super early with my father growing up and hitting one of the major retailers. We were never going for anything in particular we would just go for the experience of maybe buying a large tin full of popcorn for $2.00. We definitely weren’t sleeping in our cars over night or fighting people like the scene in Jingle All the Way.  We were calm cool and collected and usually home before my sister and mother had attempted to get out of bed.

As a child this seemed like a fun adventure with my dad, as an adult it seems like more of a nightmare. And with the Internet at our finger tips, going out on Black Friday can be left to only the thrill seekers.

So if this isn’t your cup of tea I have compiled some of the websites where you can buy great vegan gifts right from your couch.


1.)   Herbivore Clothing  and they even have specials throughout the weekend with this link :

2.)   Matt and Nat, this is one of my favorite vegan line of products and their website offers access to all their products.



3.)   Mooshoes offers all sorts of stylish vegan shoes including their own brand, Novacs which affectionately means, no cows.



4.)   Alternative Outfitters, an online vegan boutique.



These are just a few samplings of some sites online that offer great and unique vegan products. Be sure to keep checking our blog as we will be unveiling some of our favorite gift ideas for the season. 

5 Reasons to Vegan this Week…the fashion edition

By, Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe


A decision to go vegan can be a big life changer, but in the
best way possible of course, because they do not call it the compassionate diet for
nothing. Some people believe a true vegan is one who steers clear from all
animal products and this includes in their wardrobe. But fashion is fun and just because you have chosen to go on this awesome vegan journey doesn’t mean your
closet has to suffer with lame clothes, shoes and bags. Companies are taking
notice and even labeling items as vegan and with the Internet at your disposal
the possibilities are endless! Ralph Lauren once famously said, “Fashion is
what you wear, style is how you live your life. “


1.)  A
Faux Leather Jacket.

I have several and I love them all. Faux
leather has come a long way in not appearing to be plastic as you may
remember from the past. In fact, some of my jackets stack up so good to the
real thing you could never tell. And….as a bonus some of them you can wash
right in the washing machine! This one below is right up my alley with a built
in removable hood for those unpredictable weather days. 

0760472540006NEW_03_001 1.04.40 AM

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2.)  Good
Guys Don’t Wear Leather, boots

What a fun name and a cool company who is
dedicated to bringing fashionable boots to both men and women. These men’s boots
below come in several colors. So be one of the good guys and pick yourself up a


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3.)  Cross-body


Free People scores again with this
animal friendly bag. I live in a city where I do a lot of walking and in
the evening when I want to meet friends out I do not want to have to lug around
a large handbag, so cross body bags are my jam most of the time. This little ditty
from Free People is a great day to evening bag. 


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4.)  Timbuku2
messenger bag

This unisex bag made from 100%
recycle PET materials is the perfect accessory for the fashion and environment
conscious guy or gal on the go.


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5.)  Macbeth

I could hardly write about vegan
fashion without featuring one item from Mooshoes, one of the first all vegan
retailers, located in New York City. They feature tons of brands that are either all vegan or have vegan versions of their products. These particular
sneaks come in the blue shown below or the all black version, both are
available on their website.


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5 Reasons to Vegan this Week

By Sammy Caiola

Native Foods Cafe


great to be vegan! and every day it gets a little better, because somebody
comes up with a new vegan food, or movie, or piece of clothing. Here’s my new
favorite 5:


Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus from Whole Foods

is a new product, and Whole Foods is pretty psyched about it. Understandably
so, considering how perfectly flavorful and creamy it is. It’s totally vegan
and low in fat and sodium, not to mention PACKED with protein. Also comes in
garlic and red pepper.



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Madden Girl Zerge Cognac Vegan Riding Boot

shoe genius Steve Madden has done us a solid and created the PERFECT
faux-leather fall boot. I love wearing this style over my skinny jeans and
leggings because they’re warm, stylish, and hold up to the elements pretty
well. This one has a snazzy red and black zipper that lines the entire back of
the boot. And it’s under $100!

Vegan boot


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iCream Cafe

of you in Chicago or Texas, you’re in for a treat. Next time you eat a
delicious dinner at the Native Foods Wicker Park location, head down Milwaukee
to iCream for dessert. Pick any base you like (soy milk and organic yogurt
included), any texture (ice cream, pudding, shake), then add flavors, mix-ins,
and any color you want from their huge selection!



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OPI Goldeneye nail polish

of my favorite parts of fall/holiday season is the golds and browns in the
leaves, which also come through in fashion, make-up and polish. This OPI shade,
from their James Bond collection, goes with almost everything in my fall
wardrobe and is totally vegan. You need to put on about three coats, but it’s
totally worth it (even if you don’t do crazy nail art like this)


Nail art

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Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal

product is available exclusively at Whole Foods, where I’m sure it will sell
spectacularly. It’s vegan– made with organic buckwheat groats, brown rice,
organic maple syrup, Hemp seed–and crazy nutritious. Make it your
back-to-school cereal of choice.


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Roll Out the Red Carpet

by Kelly Behr 

Native Foods Cafe 

eyes were on the Emmy Awards Sunday evening as Breaking Bad and Modern Family
took home statues. But not all people, myself included, watch these shows for
the awards alone.

The red carpet pre-show gets about as much attention as the
show itself. Here is where you get a close up look of what award accepting
ensemble the stars have decided to debut. Much to my delight Emily Deschanel, arrived in head to toe animal friendly
fashion. That’s right, vegan fashion has made it to the big times!



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Deschanel wore a custom dress by Houghton accompanied by
custom vegan peep toed pumps by Aldo. So, take a cue from this actress and do
not be afraid to venture out in vegan this fall.


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Nicora Johns Vegan Shoes

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


Nicora Johns vegan shoes are beautiful.  From flats to stacked, unisex and
beyond.  Right now there are only a
few styles, but they just finished their kickstarter campaign (which was uber
successful!) so we are looking forward to seeing the new styles they are
working on.


The Leroys Lace-up in Black Sueded



Priscillas Hand Cut Wood Platform Black Leather Look



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Great Summer Shoes before Summer is Over!

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe



#1- Tieks

 Although Tieks only make 4 vegan styles, be aware that they
sell out fast!! These shoes fold easily for travels and are super supportive of
the old feet. They are made from European textiles and a from durable man made
materials. Great for last minute European trips!



#2- MooShoes


Besides the confusing name, these shoes are 100 % vegan and made from leather alternatives.  Vegans own this New York based company, so they are passionate about promoting a cruelty free lifestyle!





#3- Lulu’s

With over 50 different styles from flats, heels and boots,
you are bound to find one or two really great shoes to wear before the fall
comes! Here’s a fun one:

Lulus Summer Picture




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