Victory for the World’s Largest Vegans!

by Kelly Behr

Native Foods uses this image courtesy of (Tamika Moore/
Native Foods uses this image courtesy of (Tamika Moore/

Big news arose yesterday surrounding the world’s largest vegans. Ringling Brothers declared that they will no longer be using elephants in their circuses by 2018.

In an interview with NPR, Humane Society CEO Wayne Pacelle said he believed the change in Feld’s long-held stance for keeping the animals in the show resulted from the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which led to intense scrutiny of SeaWorld and its treatment of captive killer whales. He said the documentary had led an “emerging consciousness within the public about the proper treatment of animals.” -courtesy of

The circus has been using elephants for over 150 years. They are a favorite attraction to most of the thousands of people who flock to the circus. What people do not see or think about…or want to think about is what life is like for these animals. They are in a very unnatural environment and conditions.

It’s awesome to see how performing animals are being looked at and given a chance at a better life.

Thanks to all the active people out there who worked relentlessly to make this happen.






In the Spotlight: Lighter

by Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

We have written about Micah Risk before and her rad Runner’s World cover where she was sporting vegan socks for the entire running community to see.

This isn’t the only cool thing Micah has been up to. She recently launched Lighter, a plant-based recipe and grocery delivery service. We caught up with Micah to talk all about her new company. 


1.) What is Lighter all about?

We are the easy button for going vegan! Lighter’s mission is to challenge the Standard American Diet (SAD) and celebrate real food. We do this through our curated grocery delivery service, which means we create custom meal plans for your whole household and arrange for all the groceries to be delivered. We believe that eating good food at home should be delicious, convenient and affordable for everyone!

2.) What inspired you to start it?

We were looking for real solutions to real problems that people face when they make the decision to eat healthy food. Our curated grocery delivery service includes delicious, easy recipes that are nutritionally balanced and customized to your household. We do the planning and budgeting for you then we have all the groceries delivered right to your doorstep!

3.) How can people get involved?

 Check out our website: to sign up for delicious recipes, a customized meal plan, and groceries delivered right to your door! It’s super easy.

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V-Lish is Delish

Farm Sanctuary offers a great resource for even more delicious plant-based meals! Try this Mushroom Burger and many more.


Native Foods uses this image courtesy of

When you choose to go meat-free for lunch, you will soon discover the incredible variety of meat-free foods out there, from standbys like stir-fry to fun new favorites like Southwest Black Bean and Corn Mini Burgers (yes, we have a recipe for that!). Plus, you are taking an important step toward a more vibrant you and a better world for farm animals. Try one of these recipes for lunch today! Click here for the entire recipe!

Nicora Johns Does It Again!

By Kelly Behr 

Sometimes I get discouraged about finding shoes that are made from vegan products. My trusty Target go to is always a great option for man-made leather but when looking for some higher end shoes, there is always Nicora Johhs. This brand makes effortlessly cool shoes for both girls and boys. My newest obsession is their waxed canvas lace up boots. Check them out here. (ps: waxed canvas is a great leather alternative and looks pretty rad too).


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Could there be anything cooler to wear while walking your dog?!

USA Today’s 2015 Foodie Trends

By: Lauren Neuschel

What’s “in” in 2015 (besides Native Foods and veganism of course!)? USA Today has the scoop on the biggest trends to hit the foodie world this year.

The Top 10 shocked us! But what didn’t surprise us was the continuing shift towards a healthier, vegetable-loving diet! Here’s their projection (get ready for bigger, better and…louder?):

Tumblr_m6m0929uVt1qhro4co1_500Native Foods uses this image courtesy of:

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Five Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Seriously Anyone

By: Lauren Neuschel

 1. Creek House Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collection: Have you ever tried these uh-mazing vegan truffles? They are literally addicting, and come in a ton of cool flavors…chili mango, dark espresso, luscious raspberry, and coconut, to be exact. Vegan AND gourmet!


Native Foods uses this photo courtesy of:

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