Bake and Destroy!

by Kelly Behr


A blogger reached out to us inquiring if we had a good eggs benedict (sans eggs of course!) recipe. And we sure do, in fact it is one of the many recipes in our Celebrations Cookbook. (this is my plug to get everyone to pick one up, and you can thank me later after you fall in love with the shroom burgers) But back to the egg-less benedicts. I wanted to give a shout out to the Bake and Destroy blog which not only has a sweet design behind it but is full of vegan recipes, animal facts and little tid-bits everyone should know to help make our planet a more sustainable place to live.

I invite you to click here to enter the rad world of Bake and Destroy and to see our recipe in all its eggless glory.

In the Spotlight: Lighter

by Kelly Behr

Native Foods Cafe

We have written about Micah Risk before and her rad Runner’s World cover where she was sporting vegan socks for the entire running community to see.

This isn’t the only cool thing Micah has been up to. She recently launched Lighter, a plant-based recipe and grocery delivery service. We caught up with Micah to talk all about her new company. 


1.) What is Lighter all about?

We are the easy button for going vegan! Lighter’s mission is to challenge the Standard American Diet (SAD) and celebrate real food. We do this through our curated grocery delivery service, which means we create custom meal plans for your whole household and arrange for all the groceries to be delivered. We believe that eating good food at home should be delicious, convenient and affordable for everyone!

2.) What inspired you to start it?

We were looking for real solutions to real problems that people face when they make the decision to eat healthy food. Our curated grocery delivery service includes delicious, easy recipes that are nutritionally balanced and customized to your household. We do the planning and budgeting for you then we have all the groceries delivered right to your doorstep!

3.) How can people get involved?

 Check out our website: to sign up for delicious recipes, a customized meal plan, and groceries delivered right to your door! It’s super easy.

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Nicora Johns Does It Again!

By Kelly Behr 

Sometimes I get discouraged about finding shoes that are made from vegan products. My trusty Target go to is always a great option for man-made leather but when looking for some higher end shoes, there is always Nicora Johhs. This brand makes effortlessly cool shoes for both girls and boys. My newest obsession is their waxed canvas lace up boots. Check them out here. (ps: waxed canvas is a great leather alternative and looks pretty rad too).


Native Foods uses this image courtesy of 

Could there be anything cooler to wear while walking your dog?!

Five Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Seriously Anyone

By: Lauren Neuschel

 1. Creek House Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collection: Have you ever tried these uh-mazing vegan truffles? They are literally addicting, and come in a ton of cool flavors…chili mango, dark espresso, luscious raspberry, and coconut, to be exact. Vegan AND gourmet!


Native Foods uses this photo courtesy of:

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Vegan Scene Hits the Venice Scene!

by Lauren Neuschel

Native Foods Cafe


We're sooo excited!! Opening Fall 2014 in Venice Beach is Vegan Scene, a vegan shop and event space! Apparently their moving into their new pace at 610 Main Street next week, but just for hiring purposes…Right now they're accepting applications for contributors and retailers in the vegan space. We can't wait to see this store in action! May have to take a little looksee this week…


Vegan Scene

5 Reasons to Vegan this Week


  1. Promised
    : Just saw this 2012
    environmental flick
    last week and totally loved it. It stars the
    ever-lovable Matt
    and the incredibly talented Frances McDormand as
    sales associates for a huge fracking corporation. While they’re trying to
    convince small farmers to sell their land so they can destroy it with the toxic
    drills and chemicals, environmental advocate John Krasinksi (from
    The Office!) ignites a face-off with an interesting twist. If you haven’t seen
    it yet, make a night out of it!

Promised land


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  1. Retro
    Vegan Heels
    : Modcloth, one of my favorite sites for mini shopping sprees,
    has a whole page
    dedicated specifically to retro vegan heels. So cute! Rock these bow-tied,
    polka-dotted, cruelty-free pumps with your fall wardrobe and you’ll be getting
    compliments up the wazoo.



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  1. “The Kind
    Life” Relationship Survey
    : Our favorite vegan celebrity Alicia Silverstone
    recently put out a national
    about vegan dating habits, and the results were pretty interesting.
    If you prefer dating vegan or vegetarian- you’re not alone. Survey says 52
    percent of single vegans and vegetarians want to date people with a similar
    lifestyle. Also, many omnivorous partners are willing to convert to
    vegetarianism if it will make you happy. These results show that in 49 percent
    of herbivore/herbivore relationships, one partner adopted the lifestyle only
    after meeting the other partner. Vegan love conquers all!



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  1. Starbucks
    Hazelnut Soy Latte:
    Woke up to an unpleasantly chilly fall morning so I
    grabbed one of these warm treats on my way to work. While the Pumpkin Spice
    Latte is not vegan (total bummer), the hazelnut, toffee nut and peppermint
    lattes can all be veganized when you ask for soy milk. The hazelnut is my
    favorite, but I suggest you give them all a try throughout the season.



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  1. Native
    Foods Twister Wrap
    : I’ve been out of the country for two weeks and I CANNOT
    WAIT to get back to eating my favorite Native Foods handhold. This wrap, made
    with chef-crafted seitan (you can get it crispy, blackened or grilled), comes
    with a creamy chipotle sauce and fresh avocado in an organic whole wheat wrap.
    If you grab one on Friday, you get a free side! I like it with the dill potato
    salad, but seasoned fries are always a good bet too =D


4.  Twister Wrap (2)
Photo courtesy of Native Foods Cafe

In the Spotlight: Nina and Randa Nelson

by Native Foods Cafe


and Randa Nelson are super cool ladies with a whole lot of talent.  They can sing, dance, act… and they are fabulous cooks too!  We caught up with them for our June Native Newsletter… here is the full interview.  And be sure to check out their work at


are you from?
We are native California girls – grew up in the San Fernando


is your sign?


did you start singing & performing?
We started singing and dancing
before we could walk, and started taking ballet when we were just five. In
other words, most of our lives.  


you prefer acting or performing music?
We LOVE music. We spend most of our
waking moments singing or playing our guitars. But acting is a lot of fun too.
Sometimes the singing and acting and dancing can be combined, and that's the




has been your most memorable performance so far? And why?
Maybe Nina's most
memorable moment was when her pants came off on stage while she was performing
the Russian dance in the Nutcracker – to her credit, she just pulled up her
pants without missing a beat, and kept dancing. She got a lot of applause on
that one. Every performance is memorable for one reason or another, though.
We're hoping that the most memorable one hasn't happened yet. 


inspired you to become vegan/ vegetarian?
We were raised vegan, so we didn't
make the choice to be vegan when we were small. Now that we are old enough to
make our own decisions, we are vegan because it's a great lifestyle. It's good
for the animals, good for the planet, and good for us. 


or what do you think has had the most impact on the growing vegan/ vegetarian
This is a tough question, considering that our parents (VegSource) have been
active in the movement for so many years. Let's just say that it is important
to have really great food available – like you can get at Native Foods.


you could only recommend one book to a vegan newbie, what would it be?
Bitch – or any of John McDougall's books.


you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?
We have
two wonderful pets – an amazing Aby cat named Jaki, and a pretty little rescue
dog of unknown parentage named Penny. Jaki and Penny are actually best friends.


If you were to come back as an animal what would you like it to be? Nina would like to be a dolphin, so she could learn more about the underwater world; Randa would like to be a cheetah, so she could run really fast and travel the whole savanna.

Cheetah-world-speed-record-set_57554_600x450Native Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy of National Geographic.


do you want to be when you “grow-up”?
Who said anything about growing up?
Hopefully we will be able to continue doing what we love, which is making


you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?
California will always
be our home, but we would love to be able to live in Kauai, HI. Kauai is a magical
island, with an energy unlike any other place. However long you're there, it's
never long enough. 


is your favorite current menu item at Native Foods Café?  
Nina likes
the Ensalada Azteca (pictured below), Randa likes the OC Chopper.

Enslada Azteca Closeup

Native Foods’ dessert? 
We love the chocolate cupcake!


you have a signature dish you make at home?  
Randa makes a mean
enchilada, Nina loves to make smoothies. 


are your favorite bands?
We are both fans of James Taylor, John Denver,
Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift and the Beatles. 


Randa loves Bubbly by Colbie Caillat; Nina likes to listen to Fire and
Rain by James Taylor.



was your first concert ever?
Andy Grammer was our first big concert. 


you like to dance?
Are you kidding? We LOVE to dance!


do you do in your free time?
We like to go to hot yoga, hang out with our
family and friends, and work on our music.



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Name this Dish!

by Native Foods Cafe


Get in on the action and help us name Chef Alex's latest creation!  Head to our Facebook Page to enter and post directly on our Timeline.

CONTEST!! Our talented Chef Alex created a delicious concoction of mushrooms, Native chicken, roasted red peppers and herbs and spices wrapped in vibrant collard greens. We are asking our friends to help us name this dish, the winner will receive a $25 Native Foods gift card, contest ends Saturday (August 31st) at noon. Happy naming!

Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan restaurant, vegan food, Facebook Contest, name this dish


Nicora Johns Vegan Shoes

by Holladay Allen

Native Foods Cafe


Nicora Johns vegan shoes are beautiful.  From flats to stacked, unisex and
beyond.  Right now there are only a
few styles, but they just finished their kickstarter campaign (which was uber
successful!) so we are looking forward to seeing the new styles they are
working on.


The Leroys Lace-up in Black Sueded



Priscillas Hand Cut Wood Platform Black Leather Look



Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan shoes, vegan footwear, Nicora Johns shoes

Cool and Crunchy Jicama Salsa

by Chef Kendall Huff

Native Foods Cafe


This cool and crunchy salsa goes great in warm corn tortillas with avocado slices, as a topper for your favorite tacos, and even as a soup garnish for a little extra crunch!  If you are not familiar with the jicama, it is a species
in the bean family. 

400px-SingkamasNative Foods Cafe vegan restaurant uses this image courtesy Wikipedia.


The outside texture is almost like sand paper, but the inside is crisp and creamy, similar to a pear or a raw potato.  It is great on its own or sprinkled with a little chile con limon spice.  We love it in our Ensalada Azteca and in this salsa!



Jicama Salsa

Makes 2 cups

JicamaNative Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan recipe, jicama salsa

1 ½ lb. jicama,
peeled and diced

½ cup Granny Smith apple, diced

½ cup red onion, diced

3 TBSP fresh lime juice

2 TBSP safflower oil

1 TBSP organic sugar or agave

2 tsp hot sauce of your choice

1 TBSP chopped cilantro, stems also

1 TBSP chopped mint

¼ cup sliced green onion

1 tsp sea salt

½ tsp ground black pepper


1. Combine everything together in a mixing bowl and toss
well. Be sure to evenly distribute all the spices and liquid over the diced

2. Allow the salsa to sit in the refrigerator for 30 minutes
before serving.


Native Foods Cafe, vegan, vegan food, vegan restaurant, vegan recipe, jicama salsa